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Former Churchill Show comedian rejected by Justina Syokau breaks into tears [Video]

The interview had to be halted as the comedian broke into tears and wept uncontrollably while sharing his plans to gift the singer a BMW X5 on Valentine’s Day only for Justina Syokau to reject him and receive a SUV from her boyfriend

Justina Syokau being gifted a car on her birthday

Gospel hitmaker Justina Syokau’s rejection left former Churchill Show comedian Consumator in tears during a live interview in which he confirmed his love for the diva and the extent he had gone to win her heart.

In an interview with Plug TV, the comedian shared that his heart was torn to pieces when he saw the singer being gifted a Land Cruiser by another man when she celebrated her birthday last week.

He got emotional and broke into tears, forcing the interview to be halted as he recounted how his plans came tumbling down, including a surprise he had planned for the gospel singer.

He lamented that what pained him the most was that Justina had given him the right signals all along, making him believe that he had taken a commanding lead in the race to win her heart, only to realize that another man had won the race.


The comedian added that he had the best laid plans to gift Justina a BMW X5 on Valentine’s Day, only to be overtaken by the gentleman who gifted her an SUV on her birthday.

Kama hutaki jamaa usimueke kwa hopes mwambie from the beginning, jamaa akimake tu the first step tu hivi mwambie tu wacha, wacha hio. But for me vile Justina amekua akibehave akirespond from all that before areceive hio gari, kulikua na hopes. Nilikua na mipango manze mbaka napata ile bidii ya kujikakamua towards Valentine then paaa. (If you are not interested in someone, let them know as soon as they make the first move. Going by how Justina has been behaving before receiving the vehicle, I had hopes. I even had the effort to plan something big on Valentine’s.” Lamented Consumator.

The comedian first went public with his feelings for the singer when he took to the streets with a placard that read:

“Justina Syokau I can’t hide this from you anymore. I love you and I want to marry you. I want to propose to you inside BMW X6 which I will buy you. I will wed you in Zanzibar on top of a boat”.


After the move, Consumator had hopes that he had a chance but all these came tumbling down last week, leaving him a heart-broken man.


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