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Ex-Tusker Project Fame singer embarks on starving to shed weight

Msechu goes on an extreme diet, posts video online looking frail.

Peter Msechu

Ex-Tusker Project Fame singer Peter Msechu took to his Instagram page on Tuesday to share his weight loss journey, revealing that he is currently undergoing a challenging phase of starving to manage his body weight.

In a video posted from the hospital, Msechu appeared dizzy, but his caption conveyed the severity of his situation.

He disclosed that he was relying on sleeping pills and experiencing a loss of appetite, being unable to eat, and only being able to smell the food as he embarked on starving.


Msechu is also taking medication that allows him to consume only a very small amount of food, as he experiences vomiting if he eats too much.

He explained that he chose this option to gain control over his appetite, as he has a strong love for food and has struggled with regulating what eats.

The singer further revealed that he has shed 17 kilos in a span of six months.

However, he expressed frustration over baseless rumours, as some people speculated that he had squandered his money on weight loss procedures.


"Wengine wanasema ungefanya diet siku mbili. Hivi mnajua ni kwa kiasi watu wenye miili mikubwa wanahangaika kila kukicha kupunguza uzito?

"[Some are saying I should have done the diet for 2 days. Do you know how much people with plus size bodies are struggling to shed weight?]" Msechu inquired.

Msechu shared that he once attempted a diet and various exercises, as well as trying different medicinal products, only to shed less than one kilogram.


He confirmed that he was informed that his lack of progress was due to not following instructions properly, which led to him being presented with other options.

In a moment of introspection, Msechu questioned why those who sold him weight loss drugs were going to the gym themselves.

According to Msechu, he found that the answer lies in discipline, especially when it comes to food.


He emphasized that even going to the gym may not yield results if one lacks discipline in their eating habits.


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