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Betty Bayo's urgent search for former nanny after unexpected actions

Betty has shared pictures on her Facebook page, urging Kenyans to help locate her

Gospel singer Betty Bayo

Gospel singer Betty Bayo has embarked on a mission to reconnect with her former nanny, a woman who proved to be her anchor during one of the most turbulent times in her life.

In a video she shared on her YouTube channel, Bayo shared the touching story of how this former house helper went unpaid for six months but remained steadfastly by her side when she was financially unstable and battling depression.

The story dates back to around 2015-2016, a period Bayo describes as one of her lowest. During this challenging time, her nanny observed her struggles and made a remarkable offer to forego her salary.

"I was down financially and depressed. I was so down I can't lie to you. When she noticed I was struggling to pay her, and I had a young child, she told me not to worry and that we would fight this battle together until I was back on my feet," Bayo shared.


Betty vividly remembers the depths of her hardship, recalling how they sometimes slept on the floor. Despite these dire conditions, her nanny not only provided emotional support but also took practical steps to ensure the family's well-being.

On one occasion, after receiving a payment of Sh2,000 from Bayo, the nanny used the money to buy food, emphasising the importance of facing challenges with a full stomach.

"You know, some battles are better fought on a full stomach. We can't keep struggling like this without food," the nanny told Betty.


Moved by her former nanny's loyalty and kindness, Betty Bayo is now turning to the power of social media to track her down and express her gratitude.

She has posted pictures on her Facebook page, urging Kenyans to help locate her. "This woman was one of a kind, and it’s time I rewarded her for her incredible sacrifice and support," noted Bayo.

Betty shared the first photos in January and while she has not gotten any leads she is not about to give up.


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