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Harmonize unveils new podcast to celebrate big day

Congratulations Harmonize!

Bongo Flava star Harmonize

Tanzanian and Bongo Flava star Harmonize celebrated his birthday on March 15 and had something special to give back to his fans for supporting him throughout his musical journey.

Harmonize, whose real name is Rajab Abdulkahali Ibrahim, requested his fans to refer to him by his original name since they played a major role in his career.

"Mnanifahamu kama Harmonize, siku kama ya leo ningependa mniite kwa jina langu halisi Rajab Abdulkahali Ibrahim. Mmekua mkinisupport tangu nilipokua Rajabu mpaka sasa Mnaniita Harmonize, Kondeboyjeshi, Tembo Bakhres, ni zaidi ya ndugu kwangu na siku zote nawaombea sana kwa Mungu.


"[You know me as Harmonize, but today I would like you to call me by my real name Rajab Abdulkahali Ibrahim. You have supported me since I was known as Rajabu and up until now where you refer to me as Harmonize, Kondeboyjeshi, Tembo, and Bakhres. You are more than my brothers, and I will always pray for you]," Harmonize stated.

The singer announced his partnership with Boomplay Tanzania to launch his own podcast, which he will use to tell his life story and inspire his fans. The podcast has been dubbed Harmonize Podcast.

Harmonize continued, "Everyone has a story to tell, and I would love to listen to what others have to say about their lives, but for now, I want to start by telling my story."


The podcast has been into three parts that will see Harmonize narrate about his life in three ways to give a clear picture of what he has gone through to build his brand.

This segment will see Harmonize narrate about his whole career from where he started to where he is.

Harmonize will also reveal the obstacles and hurdles that he has overcome to become a household name in Tanzania.


Harmonize is an artist who makes headlines because of his success and controversial topics and he will actually be addressing such stories in this episode.

The artist will also be speaking about general life happenings that he will feel are worth sharing.


This episode will see Harmonize reveal to his fans and anyone who will watch the podcast more about himself.

The Bongo Flava star will also speak about what his life looks like currently in this episode.


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