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Supporting Museveni doesn’t mean I agree with Everything he does –Comedian Salvado on Bobi Wine’s continued detention

Salvado under fire for supporting Museveni

Comedian Patrick Salvado and Bobi Winev with his family

Ugandan comedian Patrick Salvador has ignited a heated debate after weighing in on the continued detention of NUP Presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

Salvado who is President Yoweri Museveni’s diehard supporter, condemned the unlawful and continued detention of Bobi Wine and his family, making it clear that he doesn’t agree with everything the government does.

In an update seen by Pulse Live, the funnyman pointed out that no country in Africa has managed to achieve a free and fair election, let alone Uganda.


“Supporting @KagutaMuseveni doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with everything his government does, the general treatment of opposition during the whole election period has been appalling, especially the treatment of @bobiwine - There hasn’t been any sensible reason Y @bobiwine or his colleagues are still under detention.

It’s a very sad & disturbing thing wen injustice is caused by those you have faith in.

As 4 #FreeNFair elections. I’m sorry if we still think this can be achieved anywhere in Africa. It’s taken me time to share my feelings coz well whatever I tried to communicate was watered down by insults but at the end of the day I’m human & I know injustice #FreeDomIs4All reads Patrick Salvado’s post.

However, despite explaining himself and what he feels for the opposition, a section of the online community was quick to roast him over what they termed as being a hypocrite.



iammcskiller “I see yo now getting some knowledge in that ka head”

abdul_razaka “Hmmmmmm whoever supports m7 ur are bewitched thats all”

soundsultan “👀 bro .we gots talk cos I dont jump into conclusion. Wanna pick ur brain”

aminahnabyonga “Needn't you seek professional psychiatric help dear?😮”


henrykingokwuy “Please 🙏 don't come to Nigeria 🇳🇬 again 🤮🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮”

fondogavilan “This is what is killing africa, hypocracy and selfishness and you are among them😏”

cleeyznoryn “💪💪💪museveni must go we are tired of murderers 💪💪freeee Bobi wine freee our nation 💪💪May God destroy the unborn generation of museven with his supporters 🙏🙏May thunder strike all of them 🙏🙏🙏🙏”

deb_baze “Wama eat your ka money in peace! You made your point already and we agreed, you feeling sorry for bobi wine is too late”


angellahmasikaWhy didn't you state these abuses as they were happening!!! This is all hypocritical!!”

janetbarigye “For safety of others, and for fear of what he is planning to do. We are tired of his buvuyo some pipo want to work”

diqxon_august_ofcl “The problem is there are times when a pasn is sick, u don't visit him, then wen he dies, u cm cryung crocodile tears..........if u do think of his rights and freedom, lets meet💪💪”

mro_origina “So you supported that reincarnation of Ndi Amin, Museveni? Well it's your choice but leaves much to be desired #SMH

ashley_prillar “Have you just taken up your big head,wen I see all you celebrities now standing with a cause you ignored for money,I'm just very annoyed by the lack of wisdom by most of you..”


robyn_194 “I don't think you do care anyway but freedom is coming one day. Keep supporting the devil but remember a snake can never be a pet coz it has potential to turn and bite you someday”

thinkfa3hionxlifestyle “What made you support him? Maybe share so people would genuinely understand the logic”

dar_es_salaam_biashara “How can you support someone will all that shit...Bro serious huyo mzee anazingua kinyama”

kipius ‘Thank you man from Ombokolo. I totally agree with you. I think the narrator of the M7 storyline on how to treat his opposition is one”


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