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Desagu reveals family inheritance battle with siblings after his father's death

Desagu revealed that he has 13 siblings

Henry Desagu

Kenyan comedian Henry Desagu has shed light on the challenges his family has been facing in dealing with the inheritance left behind by their wealthy father, who unfortunately passed away without leaving a will.

In a candid interview on the iko Nini podcast on July 19, Desagu said that this situation has put him and his thirteen siblings in a difficult position, where they are now compelled to navigate the complexities of inheritance.

Desagu openly admitted that the process has not been easy. Inheritance cases can be particularly hard, especially when there are multiple family members involved, and no will is in place to specify the distribution of assets.


"Hiyo story ya case ya inheritance inakua hard. Especially mtu mwenye ako na families mbili ni poa akuwe na will," Desagu said.

He emphasized the importance of having a will, especially for individuals with extended families, as it would provide clarity and minimize potential conflicts among heirs.

The comedian expressed his concern about siblings who engage in lengthy legal battles over inheritance. Such disputes can drag on for years, sometimes even decades, before they are resolved.


"Hata sahi tuko zile ngori za inheritance.,, hiyo unajua mnaeza take ata twenty years ata ten," he said.

Tragically, those who originally fought for the inheritance may not live to see its resolution, leaving their children and grandchildren to eventually benefit from the assets.

Despite having knowledge of the proper procedures to follow in inheritance court cases, Desagu revealed that the key to resolving these disputes lies in peaceful coexistence among the siblings, which, unfortunately, is often lacking.

"The first thing before muanze story ya succession ni mjue mali yote. Shida inakuanga sasa kuelewana. Kama tuseme ni rentals kwa nini wewe uchukue hizi za mbele na mimi nichukue za nyuma?" he said.


According to him, even if their father had money in the bank, they would not be able to access it due to the absence of a will.

Moreover, Desagu shared instances where his father had started construction projects but had not completed them properly. Unfortunately, None of them can intervene or rectify the situation because their names are not on it.

However, Desagu praised his father for being a caring and providing patriarch for the entire family. He ensured that all his children were well taken care of, supplying them with everything they needed.


One of the valuable lessons Desagu has learned from their inheritance struggle is the importance of embracing self-reliance.

He realized that individuals should not solely depend on their parents' inheritance but should also proactively seek their own fortunes.

"Kama kuna kitu hiyo kitu ilinearnisha its not to over depend... Coz unapata nyinyi mnaachiwa vitu na mzae mnasumbuana ata wajukuu wenyu ndo watapata hizo vitu," he said.


This cultural shift, according to Desagu, empowers individuals to take control of their destinies and avoid the pitfalls of relying solely on inherited wealth.


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