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Holy Dave recounts Churchill's uncomfortable advances on his sister, Joey Muthengi

Holy Dave says Churchill was after his sister Joey Muthengi back in the '90s

Holy Dave (left) and Churchill Ndambuki

Rapper Holy Dave, in an interview with Nairobi News, revealed how comedian Churchill Ndambuki used to harass him during their upbringing.

According to Dave, Churchill had romantic interest in one of his four sisters Joey Muthengi, and they coincidentally attended the same school after Dave's family relocated from the U.S.

Churchill was resolute in pursuing Dave's sister, and if the watchman denied him access to see her, he would specifically request to meet Dave instead.


Dave further shared that Churchill would then instruct him to fetch his sister, but he would mockingly label him as a fool. Despite this, Dave obediently carried out the orders.

Dave further expressed his discomfort with the situation, stating that he finds it strange whenever his close friends make advances towards his sisters.

He mentioned that he couldn't quite explain the feeling, but it made him uneasy.

"It’s even worse when he is your close friend. It feels like it’s you he is seducing, because you know how he rolls. Both his good and bad side," Holy Dave said.


In February 2022, Dave's younger sister, Joey Muthengi, grabbed attention when she questioned who was dating her brother.

The inquiry arose when she stumbled upon an Instagram account using his brother's name, their family, and the tag 'Mrs' attached to it.

In response, Holy Dave played along with the situation and jokingly wondered how he would explain everything to his sister.


However, it later came to light that Holy Dave was not actually in a romantic relationship or engaged, as initially believed.

It turned out that the Instagram account in question was actually a fan page, and the person behind it had developed a crush on Holy Dave.

Dave would later on open up to Standard Entertainment that numerous girls had been requesting him for his hand in marriage.


He even added that there are some instances when the certain parents called him asking him to marry their daughters.

Dave however maintained that he was looking for a God fearing lady to marry.


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