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Adelle Onyango's golden rule for making money from a podcast

Adelle is the host of the 'Legally Clueless' podcast, which she started after leaving Kiss 100 in 2019.

Adelle Onyango

Media personality Adelle Onyango on July 18 provided an explanation for her decision to venture into podcast hosting after leaving Kiss 100.

According to Adelle, she had reached a point of being done with traditional media when she decided to depart from Kiss 100.

However, she stumbled upon information about podcasts and found the concept intriguing and enjoyable.


Initially, Adelle discovered that the necessary equipment for podcasting was easily accessible.

"The more I read about it (podcast) the more accessible it was even in terms of equipment and so I thought why not?" Adelle explained.

She continued that she also realised that hosting a podcast would provide her with an opportunity to share her experiences following her departure from a high-profile job.

Adelle emphasised that when she initially started her podcast, she didn't fixate on potential failures or successes.


Instead, she immersed herself in the process and genuinely enjoyed it.

Adelle Onyango also addressed the topic of monetising podcasts, stating that it is indeed possible, although individuals may have different paths to achieving it.


She further explained that podcasters can generate income directly from their podcasts or indirectly through various monetisation tools.

Adelle, however, added that creating a successful podcast requires a significant investment to attract listeners.

Adelle concluded that having a high-quality product will attract advertisers to collaborate with podcasters, leading to the opportunity to monetize the podcast and generate income in the process.


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