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How CS Mutua made Sh36 million from a firm he formed at 19 years old [Video]

Alfred Mutua was able to buy his first house in Nairobi using proceeds of the company.

Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua in his office

Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua revealed how much he earned from producing the popular show Cobra Squad.

In an interview on Sunday, August 29, 2021, Mutua started by explaining that his initial investment was Sh500,000.

He shared that in 2005, he used money from his savings and revived his media company Golden Dreams which he had founded at 19 years old.

I revived the company when I was government spokesman and I decided to put together an action thriller because I used to watch these shows the sound was bad, the storylines were just about family. So I took part of my money, I spent Sh500,000 of my salary which I had saved in a period of months with family and everything,” he revealed.


Mutua then wrote a script, hired a crew and helicopter to shoot the pilot episode of Cobra Squad and then showcased it to companies which paid millions in advertising and product placement.

I took it to different corporations. I took it to Airtel, Nakumatt and out of that I was able to raise Sh25 million. Just the pilot, I didn't have to say anything, I would just play the pilot and they were wowed.

People used to talk about Cobra Squad until it became the subject of ridicule...watu wanasema kila mahali ni Airtel lakini mimi naangalia that’s Sh5 million that I have you don’t have,” he stated.

With the money he earned from the show, Mutua was able to buy his first house in Nairobi.


In a past interview, he said the second season of the show earned him another Sh11 million.

That taught me something then I also produced a magazine called Passion Magazine, and then I also had a show called How to Be Rich in Africa based on my book where I wrote, a book how to be rich in Africa and other secrets of survival and it sold out within a month,” Mutua added.

He acknowledged that there is money in the entertainment industry and also listed other films he produced which include;

An African in America


From Kenya to Harare by Road

The Role of Propaganda in Leadership and Communication

And the desert smiled


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