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Otile Brown - Dating Vera Sidika boosted my career

Otile Brown credits ex-girlfriend Vera Sidika for music career success

Vera Sidika & Otile Brown

Kenyan bongo sensation Otile Brown recently opened up about the significant role socialite Vera Sidika played in propelling his music career to new heights.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, the 'Nabayet' hitmaker expressed gratitude towards Sidika, acknowledging her contribution to his success.

Brown emphasised that Sidika's presence in his life during their relationship had a profound impact on his career trajectory.


He admitted that while he was already making waves in the music scene, Sidika's prominence as a socialite added fuel to his burgeoning career.

"I've always given her flowers. It's only right. I was big but not all the way. Being that she was a popping socialite at the time, it kinda fueled it," Brown revealed.

The synergy between Brown and Sidika was evident in the organic growth of his music career during their relationship.


Brown acknowledged the significant boost Sidika's presence provided, affirming that their partnership was instrumental in his rise to prominence within the music industry.

Although Brown and Sidika parted ways in 2018 amidst a highly publicised breakup, the impact of their relationship on Brown's career trajectory remains undeniable.

Despite the end of their romantic involvement, Brown's career continued to soar as he pursued his musical endeavors with determination and resilience.

He clarified that despite public perceptions, he remained true to himself and his identity, asserting, "I'm not a kiki person. I know who I am and I believe in who I am".


In a bold statement, Brown challenged his East African counterparts to strive for international recognition in the music industry.

He emphasised that currently, there isn't a single East African artist who has achieved international acclaim comparable to Nigerian singer Ruger.

According to Brown, the East African music industry is yet to produce an artist of the caliber of Ruger, who has garnered remarkable success within a short period.


He urged fellow artists to acknowledge the reality of the competitive landscape and work diligently to elevate East African music onto the global stage.

As he rightly pointed out, achieving international acclaim requires concerted efforts and a commitment to excellence.

While acknowledging the challenges ahead, Brown remains optimistic about the potential of East African artists to make a mark on the global music scene.


He encouraged artists to focus on honing their craft and creating music that resonates with audiences worldwide.


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