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How to diaper & comfort your dog when she's on her period, according to Brenda Michelle

Zora actress Brenda Michelle details how to diaper and comfort a dog during her menstruation

A collage showing 'Zora' actress Brenda Michelle detailing how to diaper and comfort a dog when she's on her periods ( Instagram)

If you've recently welcomed a female dog into your home, you may be surprised to learn that dogs experience menstruation just like human females do.

However, unlike women, dogs do not have monthly cycles; instead, they typically have their periods every five months.

Kenyan actor Brenda Michelle sheds light on this topic, highlighting the importance of understanding and caring for your dog during this time.


Brenda, known for her love of pets, shares her experiences and tips for managing a female dog's menstrual cycle.

"Dogs do have periods. Doggy zangu zikianza kunyesa, for the tiny breeds kama inakaa ndani ya nyumba, namtengenezea a makeshift sanitary towel using a diaper," she said.

She emphasised the need for pet owners to recognise and prepare for this natural occurrence, ensuring the well-being of both the dog and the household.


Brenda explains that female dogs usually reach puberty and have their first menstrual cycle around five months of age, although the timing may vary depending on the breed.

According to Dog Treat Box, small dogs may have more frequent cycles, occurring three to four times a year, while larger dogs typically experience one cycle per year.

"For the big dogs, wanapatanga bi annual. wanaanzanga hapo kutoka five months, but wengine huchelewa na pia wengine huanza mapema.

"Na akianza ina maanisha anaeza shika ball. it's your responsibility to make sure hajashika ball. If you are not ready for them to have a baby, you can remove her ovaries, na kama ni boy anatolewa... kama unataka ipate puppy please don't let it be on their first heat," she said.


During their heat cycle, female dogs may exhibit various symptoms, including increased urination, swollen vulva, and bloody discharge from the vagina.

Brenda advises pet owners to be attentive to these signs and take proactive measures to keep their dogs comfortable.

"Kuna wenye wanashikwanga na mood swings and they crump during this period. So take your dog for a walk, make this time as comfortable for them as possible," she said.


To manage your dog's menstrual cycle effectively, you can prepare in advance and understand the specific needs of your pet during this time. Here are some essential tips for pet owners:

  1. Using dog nappies: Invest in dog nappies to prevent blood stains on furniture and surfaces. Choose between reusable and disposable options based on your preference and convenience.
  2. Keeping cleaning products Handy: Have wet wipes, carpet stain removers, and pet-safe cleaning products readily available to address any accidents promptly.
  3. Designating a period blanket: Assign a specific blanket for your dog to use during her menstrual cycle, minimizing the need for frequent washing of other bedding items.

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