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I Am Atieno lectures Josh Wonder for trash-talking Ajib Gathoni

I Am Atieno says she can only trash talk an ex who is abusive for the sake of raising awareness

Josh Wonder [left] & I Am Atieno on the set of Pulse Kenya's 'Love, Sex & Lies', Episode Six

Radio presenter, I Am Atieno expressed her displeasure with TikToker Josh Wonder's trash-talking about his ex-girlfriend, Ajib Gathoni, while explaining the reasons for their breakup.

In episode six of 'Love, Sex & Lies, Atieno' took the opportunity to explain to Josh why his earlier remarks were inappropriate, especially considering he was still hurting from the heartbreak.

Atieno firmly stated that there is a need for respect, particularly when one has witnessed both the good and bad sides of their ex-partner.


Drawing from her own personal experiences, she used her parents as an example.

Atieno mentioned that even though her mother passed away around ten years ago, she firmly believes her father would never have spoken ill of her mother, even if they had divorced.

"There is that respect that I will give you as much as we are exes. I don't care whether you cheated on me," Atieno said.

In addition, Atieno asserted that she would only speak publicly against her ex if he were an abusive person, as a way to warn others about his behaviour.


In response to Atieno's concerns, Josh explained why he chose to go public and expose Ajib Gathoni's actions, stating that he wanted to distance himself from such behavior.

He clarified that his decision to speak publicly about the situation does not imply that Ajib remained silent about it.


In fact, he acknowledged that she might have discussed it with people close to her.

Josh further revealed that he had actually ended the relationship several months before it became public knowledge, as he had already noticed some red flags that made him reconsider the relationship.

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Atieno appeared surprised by Josh's revelation, but he indirectly mentioned that Ajib never disclosed to him that she was cheating while they were dating.


Josh concluded by stating that he has moved on and is now in a better place emotionally.

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