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I attempted to commit suicide thrice- Preacher Robert Burale opens up

I once ate toothpaste for dinner- Burale on tough times

Robert Burale and Mwalimu Churchill

On Sunday, City Preacher Robert Burale opened up on the little known details about his life, revealing that he has attempted to commit suicide thrice.

Appearing on Churchill Show, Burale narrated that his first attempt was when he was studying in the United Kingdom (UK) and twice when he was back in Kenya.

He mentioned that at that particular time life was hard and he thought the only way out was to commit suicide.


Burale's Revelation

“Actually I didn’t have suicidal thoughts, I tried committing suicide. There is a different, many people are having suicidal thoughts. Mimi I have tried it three times once when I was in the UK and twice in Kenya … 'maisha ilikuwa ngumu I could not even afford three meals a day.

I once ate toothpaste for dinner And not hygiene purposes. Sometimes when God wants you to go through a season he will block all the help, I thank God Many people ran away from Me, but I thank God it built me to the man I’m today. Today, nobody can come to me and tell me they have not eaten na niko na pesa nimnyime. I know hunger can make a grown man cry and that's why we saw in the reports the other day, 483 people committing suicide in three Months.

That’s close to three people a day and this are the things when you see like there is no light at the end of the tunnel … you just feel like if you gonna move you gonna collapse and that’s why people are getting into depression and suicidal thoughts” narrated Burale.



On July 27, 2021, Police data showed that at least 483 people had commit suicide in a span of three months, with Kiambu County topping the list with the highest numbers.

DCI Boss George Kinoti called upon the government to commission research to determine the root cause of the worrying trend.

“We have never recorded such a high number of suicides before and this is not only alarming but calls for urgent remedial measures,” said DCI boss George Kinoti.


During the same period – between March and June – statistics compiled by DCI indicate the country recorded 409 cases of life-threatening assaults, mostly among couples. Findings indicate men are more prone to committing suicide than women.

The youngest person reported to have committed suicide was nine years while the oldest was 76 years old.


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