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Influencer Eli Mwenda undergoes surgery after being assaulted in Nairobi

Eli Mwenda was physically assaulted while leaving an event

Eli Mwenda

Popular influencer and podcaster Eli Mwenda has announced an indefinite social media break after undergoing surgery to repair a gash on his face caused by an attack.

Eli, known for co-hosting the ManTalk Ke podcast, took to Instagram on july 4 to inform his followers about the incident and his decision to prioritize his health and well-being.

Sharing the details of the unfortunate incident, Eli revealed that he was attacked on Sunday night while leaving an event.


The attack resulted in a deep gash on his face, necessitating immediate medical attention.

"On Sunday night i was assaulted while leaving an event. During the attack, i did not retaliate. This assault led to my face being sliced open," Eli wrote.

In his statement, he mentioned undergoing surgery to prevent any permanent scarring, emphasizing the impact on his work schedule as he would be unable to shoot content until his face fully heals.


"I have had to have surgery to avoid any permanent scaring. It has impacted my work schedule meaning l'll be unable to shoot content, until my face fully heals," Mwenda

Eli disclosed that he personally knows the attacker but chose not to publicly identify him. He expressed his belief that a person should not be defined solely by one poor decision.

Displaying a remarkable level of forgiveness, Eli stated that he has forgiven the attacker wholeheartedly on a personal level.

"Although I forgive him wholeheartedly on a personal level. I have still followed all official channels to prevent this happening to anyone else," he said.


However, he also mentioned following the appropriate official channels to prevent a similar incident from happening to anyone else.

Acknowledging the importance of self-care, he emphasized that he will be focusing on his health and mental well-being during this period.

Although he expressed his eagerness to get back to creating content, he recognizes the need for this break to fully recover and regain his strength.


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