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The TMI & 3 other Kenyan Podcasts which will benefit from $100K by Spotify

The four podcasts are among 9 others that will benefit from Spotify's $100K initiative in Africa.

TMI hosts Murugi Munyi and Lydia Mukami

Streaming and media services provider Spotify has announced a fund aimed at supporting African podcasters in furthering their voices in their various areas of talk.

The initiative is a first-of-its-kind on the continent by the Africa Podcast Fund and podcasters from five countries have been listed to benefit from the initiative.

The $100,000 fund aims to bolster the careers of these podcast creators through among other things financial grants, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Luckily, Kenya is one of the five countries from which some of the podcasters have been chosen. Kenya has four podcast programs that will benefit from the program, the same number as South Africa. Nigeria has three while Ghana and Cameroon have one slot each.


1. The Sandwich Podcast:

The podcast is said to have the most listeners in Kenya and is hosted by four content creators Joan, Kibz, Nyamita, and Owen.

Their content is delivered in a mix of English, Swahili, and Sheng, a local slang, and topics on the podcast are inspired by the hosts’ life experiences, their daily surroundings, and those of the guests they feature on the program.


2. The Messy Inbetween

The podcast is hosted by award-winning content creators Murugi Munyi and Lydia Mukami. The two cover areas around love, money, friendships, work, life, advice led by lived experience, and all the things that make life what it is.

The podcast provides a safe space for women to discuss their experiences and personal issues candidly.


Murungi Munyi was one of the winners of the recently held Pulse Influencer Awards, held on October 15 at Movenpick Hotel in Westlands Nairobi. Munyi scooped three awards in three different categories she was nominated.

The awards she won are; Instagram influencer of the year, YouTube influencer of the year, and podcast of the year award.


Man talk is hosted by two Kenyan content creators, Eli Mwenda and Oscar Koome. The podcast recognises the need for conversations led by men on issues around toxic masculinity, fatherhood, feminism, dating, and self-care.


The two hosts strive to have uncomfortable conversations, even if that means putting themselves on the spot and speaking on matters that directly touch on men as well as on topics that men avoid putting out in the public.

4. Nipe Story:

Nipe Story is hosted and narrated by Kenyan writer, journalist, and queer activist Kevin Mwachiro. In the podcast, Mwachiro gives a voice to written African short stories. He provides a platform for African writers to have their short stories heard.

The fund will be administered by Africa Podfest, a Kenyan-based company focused on inspiring and elevating African podcasters by building a sustainable and inclusive podcasting industry across Africa.


Independent emerging podcasters with growing audiences were selected as recipients for the fund, with a focus on supporting podcasts that showcase a range of voices in terms of varying podcast formats, gender, language, and content.


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