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Jackie Matubia takes stand against deadbeat parents with bold message

Jackie Matubia has two children, one with her ex-husband Kennedy Njogu & another with actor Blessing Lung'aho

Jackie Matubia

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has sparked a mixed reaction online after indirectly scolding absent parents.

Although she did not mention anyone specific, her comments struck a chord with many of her followers. Matubia, who is a mother of two with different fathers, rarely discusses her coparenting with the father of her first child.

In a Monday Threads post, The 2022 Pulse Influencer Award winner expressed her disbelief at how some people with children can seemingly ignore their responsibilities.

"I will never understand how anyone can have kids in this world and live every day like they don't exist," she wrote.


Matubia also took to her Instagram Stories to share that she and her daughters had been unwell and had made multiple trips to the hospital over the weekend.

She posted a video of herself cuddling her one-year-old daughter, acknowledging the challenging times she has faced as a mother.


Matubia's post received support from women who shared their own experiences with absent fathers.

Some commented on the different ways people are built and advised lowering expectations to avoid disappointment.

Others shared personal stories of raising children alone and finding strength in their faith.


On Father's Day, Matubia caused a stir with a post that wished deadbeat dads a happy Father's Day.

She shared a meme featuring a man lying next to a packet of diapers in a supermarket, seemingly overwhelmed by the high cost.

The caption humorously read, "Zaa nitalea amefaint kwa supermarket." Matubia accompanied the meme with a message calling out deadbeat dads.


In her message, Matubia highlighted the challenges faced by single mothers and emphasized the impact absent fathers have on their children.

She implied that there comes a time when fathers realize the consequences of their actions but are unable to repair the damage they have caused.


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