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Jackie Matubia calls daughter's father after uncovering startling secret in her diary

Jackie Matubia expresses overwhelming shock & confusion upon reading her daughter's diary

Actress Jackie Matubia

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia recently opened up about her unexpected discovery while going through her eight-year-old daughter's diary. This revelation left her perplexed and unsure how to navigate the territory of raising a pre-teen.

Acknowledging the challenges they face in parenting a pre-teen, Jackie took to her Instagram Stories on June 5 to express her fears and seek support from other parents who might have experienced similar situations.

Sharing her vulnerability, she emphasized the need for a community of parents to exchange ideas and advice on handling pre-teens.


While Zari was away in school, Matubia stumbled upon her daughter's diary and decided to take a peek.

What she found within the pages left her reeling with surprise and confusion. The multi-talented actress revealed that she discovered a secret in her daughter's diary that left her shaken.

"There is one I saw, it was a secret, and I started shaking. I was confused whether to confront her or call the dad. I was going nuts," she said.


Although she was tempted to confront Zari directly, she chose to seek advice from Zari's father.

Zari was about to return home from school, and her mum had to leave the room. Both Jackie and Zari's father acknowledged that raising a pre-teen was a new experience for them, and they were unsure of the best approach.

"I called the dad, and we talked. He was like, 'let me google' because we have never raised a pre-teen, and we don't have enough information to raise her," she said


Jackie's life has not been devoid of challenges. Her first baby daddy, with whom she had a daughter, left her after a tumultuous relationship filled with allegations of infidelity from both parties.

The dark period that followed caused her to experience deep depression. However, Jackie summoned her strength and resilience, providing hope for her daughter, even in the face of hardship.

Following the breakup, Jackie found herself with almost nothing, left only with a mattress that she and her daughter relied on for both sleep and sitting.


Despite the difficulties, she resolved to give her daughter a promising future, inspiring many with her determination.

In her journey, Jackie found love again with actor Blessing Lung'aho, with whom she now shares a daughter.


Their fans have however speculated that the couple is no longer together because they have not been seen together recently, even in both their social media accounts.


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