Jalang'o helps Nitakufinya duo land lucrative advertising deal

Jalang'o announced that the two would also be gifted motorcycles.

A poster of Jalang'o with the Nitakufinya duo Musyoka and Matendechere

Musyoka and Matendechere of the Nitakufinya craze that has gone viral have finally met for the first time since the video was recorded in an interview with Jalang’o.

Speaking during an interview on his YouTube channel, Jalang’o revealed that the two would receive brand new motorcycles each.

He also announced that he had secured a deal with a local maize flour miller in which the two would feature.

Musyoka and Matendechere are set to be included in an advertisement commissioned by the firm.

The lucrative deal is a welcome deal for Matendechere who is a family man with two wives and nine children.

Musyoka will also have a relief from his tiring work in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums where he helps pull water vending carts.

The duo has also appealed to Kenyans who have used their viral clip for commercial purposes to consider sharing the income with them.

Don’t use my photo or video for free. Even if it's in a comedy skit, include me and we can share the money,” Matendechere.

The two have spent a large part of their lives in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, with the ‘Nitakufinya man’ revealing he settle in the informal settlement in 1992.

Kenyan companies have discovered the benefits of using internet sensations to promote their products.

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