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Jalang’o pays 3 months’ rent for young man who went public begging for his Help

Jalang'o paid the three months rent shortly after handing over Motorbikes to the Nitakufinya duo

Jalang’o pays three months’ rent for Young Man who went public begging for his Help,

Media Personality Jalang’o came to the rescue of a young man who went viral carrying a placard, begging for his help, over struggles to pay his three months’ rent.

On Wednesday, Jalang’o met with the young man and cleared the rent arrears before scolding him, stating that begging his not a long term solution.

The Kiss 100 Presenter asked the young man to stop looking for sympathy and go out and hustle like others.

“Pay Equity Sh18,000. Sent… Tumekulipia sasa pigia Caretaker wako umwambie Nyumba imelipwa…lakini uwache hii mambo ya kutafuta sympathy. Don’t look for sympathy go out there and work, is that Okay? said Jalang’o.


The Handover

The philanthropic media personality paid the three months’ rent, shortly after handing over motorcycles to the Nitakufinya duo “Aaron Asiba Matendechere and Charles Musyoka”.

During the handover ceremony, Musyoka said the bike would enable him to live a better life and provide for the new woman in his life.

On his part, Matendechere said he would add the new motorcycle to his list of enterprises.


"Mambo ya kwenda kubeba wasichana na pikipiki utawacha sasa," Jalang'o jokingly cautioned Musyoka.

The comedian said he is yet to cast the two in a television advert but expressed hope that a deal would come through.

"When you get a chance to make a difference in people's live do it," Jalang'o said.

The motorcycle company which gifted the duo is the same one which appointed former NTV reporter Lolani Kalu as its brand ambassador.


The motorbike is a welcome gift for Matendechere who is a family man with two wives and nine children.

Musyoka will also have a relief from his tiring work in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums where he helps pull water vending carts.

Kenyan companies have discovered the benefits of using internet sensations to promote their products.


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