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Jalang'o recalls how fate connected him with Diamond after Malindi mishap

Jalang'o remembers crucial encounter with Diamond Platnumz after sponsors left them stranded in Malindi

Jalang'o and Diamond Platnumz before they widespread fane

Langata MP Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang'o, opens up about the profound bond he shares with Bongo Flava stars Diamond Platnumz and Ali B.

Speaking with a local media house on Saturday 1, the media personality and politician revealed that their friendship dates back to a time before these artists achieved widespread fame.

Jalango reminisced about the early days when he first encountered Ali B, describing him as a very close friend. He recounted numerous visits to Tanzania, where Ali B warmly hosted him.

"Ali B is my very good friend. Anytime I am in Tanzania, he hosts me. Even before everybody got to know who he was, he had already made a significant impact as a DJ," Shared Jalang'o.


Similarly, Jalango spoke fondly about Diamond Platnumz, another Bongo Flava superstar. The pair's first meeting occurred years ago when they were both booked for a gig in Malindi.

Unfortunately, the sponsor failed to fulfill their agreement, leaving Jalango and Diamond stranded.

In a heartwarming display of unity, they decided to travel together to Mombasa using whatever means they could afford. At that time, Diamond was just starting to gain recognition with a few hit songs.


"The first time we met with Diamond we had been called for a gig in Malindi... Sponsor akatutoka, mimi na Diamond tukapanda boxi mpaka Mombasa. Alikuwa na ngoma kama mbili tatu wasee walikua wanajua. That was many years ago... Alikua na ngoma tatu, hana security or anyone but nilikua naye," he said.

During their journey, Diamond expressed gratitude to Jalang'o for the kindness and support shown on that memorable day.


"On that day he told me I'll never forget what you did to my life. And from that time we've always been friends," he said.

Jalango expressed his commitment to nurturing relationships and ensuring that those who have made a difference in his life remain close to his heart.

"I don't burn bridges. I always make sure that every person who has been around me and has had a positive impact on my life remains a part of it," he said.


Refuting any claims of changing friends, Jalango clarified that everyone has their own commitments and responsibilities, which may affect the frequency of their interactions.

However, he holds dear the bond he shares with his close circle, particularly the 'boys club,' which consists of his favourite people and cherished friends.


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