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WATCH: Junior Comedian's emotional message to Brian Chira will touch your soul

Junior, a 6-year-old comedian, tried to reason with Brian Chira & suggested the type of content he should adopt

TikToker Brian Chira & Junior Comedian

Young Kenyan comedian, Junior, recently surprised his fans by imparting some heartfelt advice to fellow TikToker Brian Chira.

This moment of wisdom unfolded in a video shared on Junior's Instagram account on August 22, showcasing the comedian's concern for his fellow content creator.

In the video, Junior introduced himself before turning his attention to Brian Chira, who sat beside him. Expressing genuine concern, the young comedian shared his thoughts with Chira.


Junior emphasised that creators have the power to generate content that is both engaging and respectful, without resorting to insults or negativity. He urged Chira to consider this approach when producing his content.

"Watu wangu si mnajua mimi ni Junior Comedian. Nimekuja kutafuta Chira. Unajua unaeza fanya content mzuri bila kutusi watu. Na uwache ujinga," Junior said.

Brian Chira, visibly taken aback by Junior's unexpected words of advice, responded softly but resolutely, promising that he would indeed refrain from producing controversial content.


"Sawa nimekuskia, sitakudissapoint. It is what it is. (Okay, I've heard you, I won't disappoint you. It is what it is.),"Chira affirmed.

Brian Chira has been making waves in the online sphere due to his controversial content on TikTok.

His content is marked by an unfiltered approach to addressing a wide range of topics. However, his style has not come without its consequences.


Chira's online activities took a serious turn when he was arrested for cyberbullying Azziad Nasenya on July 28.

This incident even caused his suspension from campus for a period of two weeks


Junior Comedian, at just 6 years old, has captured the hearts of many with his infectious humour and endearing personality.

He rose to fame in 2022 after his TikTok videos went viral, catapulting him into the spotlight.

Despite his young age, Junior's comic performances have earned him over 90,000 and over one million followers on YouTube and TikTok respectively.


The young comedian's talent has even paved the way for remarkable opportunities. Notably, Junior has met and worked with other celebrities such as Embarambamba.


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