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TikToker Brian Chira confesses love for Andrew Kibe [Video]

Chira recorded a video expressing his love for Kibe

Andrew Kibe (left) and Brian Chira

TikToker Brian Chira has confessed his love for Andrew Kibe in a video that he posted on his TikTok page.

Chira who has taken over TikTok by storm has made it public that he has an undying love for Kibe because of his beard.

"My name, Chira, Brian Chira. Andrew Kibe aki ni wewe tu because of your beards. Oh my God, Wueeh! Hebu come kiss these lips!

"[My name is Brian Chira and I want you Andrew Kibe because of your lips. Oh my God! Please come and kiss my lips]," said Chira.


The video has since gone viral and a majority of the people are waiting to hear Kibe's response because it is unlikely that he will let the whole discussion slide by him without commenting.

Did Chira use Andrew Kibe's name to trend or is it true that he loves his fellow gentleman?

Chira has shared the video at a time when Kenya as a country is heavily rooted in the LGBTQ+ discussion especially after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the LGBTQ+ members having their associations in the nation.


Andrew Kibe made it clear three years ago that he doesn't recognize LGBTQ+ when Xtian Dela interviewed some members of the group and the video went viral in Kenya.

According to Kibe, he was fed up with how members of the LGBTQ+ community were seeking attention by conducting their meetings.

When LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba was laid to rest in January 2023, Kibe asked openly where the LGBTQ+ members were to send off their friend.


He also added that LGBTQ+ members have a mischievous agenda.


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