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TikToker Kate Thuku blasts Kenyan men simping in her DM

Kate receives up to 100 DMs on a daily basis

Kate Thuku

TikToker and dancer Kate Thuku, in an interview with Commentator 254, revealed that Kenyan men are showing a strong interest in her after she went viral on the platform.

Kate mentioned that she receives over 100 messages daily and finds it challenging to filter through them.

She expressed her surprise at how things have turned out and admitted feeling uncertain about how to handle the situation.


Kate mentioned that she sometimes feels offended since most of the men messaging her seem solely interested in her physical appearance and nothing else.

She shared that while she has become accustomed to receiving such messages, she occasionally questions how these men perceive her.

Kate mentioned that she frequently receives similar messages from people appreciating her beauty, with some even expressing their admiration for her curves.

"I want to take you to Canada and other places. Give me your M-Pesa number and stuff like that," Kate explained.


Kate mentioned that there are several Kenyan celebrities and politicians who express their interest in her, although she didn't specify any names.

According to Kate, she carefully evaluates the nature of messages she receives before deciding whether to respond or not.

For example, if a celebrity expresses interest in working with her, she will definitely respond, but if the message is solely focused on her beauty, she tends to ignore it.


When it comes to her personal life, Kate declined to comment on whether she is currently in a relationship and provided an explanation.

She explained that revealing her relationship status could potentially lead to job loss, as there might be someone who wants to hire her based on their personal connection. Acknowledging that she is dating someone could disrupt that opportunity.

On the other hand, stating that she is single would invite a flood of messages from people trying their luck, making the situation even more challenging for her.


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