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Kennedy Rapudo reveals wedding plans with Amber Ray, only select few to attend

Details of Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray's wedding Plans and future family expansion

Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray [Instagram]

Kenyan businessman Kennedy Rapudo recently opened up about his relationship with socialite Amber Ray, revealing that they will hold a private wedding soon.

In a candid interview with a local media house on Tuesday July 11, Rapudo expressed his gratitude for finding Amber Ray, emphasizing her caring nature and the absence of any pressure in their relationship.

Regarding their future plans, Rapudo mentioned that they intended to add another child to their family.


Although Amber Ray had previously expressed reservations Rapudo confidently asserted that they still had one more child to welcome.

As for their wedding, Rapudo revealed that they plan to have a private wedding ceremony, with only a select few friends and family in attendance.

He hinted that the public might not even be aware of it until after the ceremony.


"It will be very private. And maybe you wont even know about it, you'll just realize that we are married... few friends and family and that's it," he said.

Rapudo proudly described Amber Ray as a caring woman who never imposes any pressure on him.


He highlighted the rarity of finding someone who doesn't burden their partner with excessive demands.

In a world where many relationships are filled with expectations and pressures, Rapudo recognized that Amber Ray's presence was a blessing.

"I think she is a caring woman. she never gave me any pressure. hapa nje utapata dem amekueka na pressure mingi oh nifanyie hii, but amber Ray was there for love. So i realized she is the right person for me," Rapudo said.

Rapudo went on to share the virtues he admires in Amber Ray, starting with her being a God-sent wife.


He acknowledged the significance of this title, emphasizing her caring nature and devout prayerfulness. Rapudo credited her for their family's enduring strength and ability to overcome challenges.

"There are so many virtues i like about her. Number one she is a God sent wife. When i say wife it comes with a lot of things. She caring and a very prayerful person... Our family has stood the test of time because of her," he said.

When questioned about the negative public perception of Amber Ray based on her online presence, Rapudo revealed that he formed his opinion of her after meeting her in person.

He didn't judge her solely based on what he saw on the internet but took the time to become friends and understand her true character.


Rapudo shared a profound insight into what keeps a marriage strong, emphasizing the power of women.

He stated that once a man realizes that a woman is always right, everything else becomes easier.


He believes that couples should respect and support each other's individuality. While there may be areas for improvement, it is essential to approach them with patience and understanding.


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