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Kenyan entertainer Sammy Boy blasts fans for expecting free event access

Kenyan entertainer Sammy Boy, has expressed his disappointment in fans who expect him to provide free event tickets

Sammy Boy

Kenyan entertainer Sammy Ondieki, known as Sammy Boy, has expressed his disappointment in fans who expect him to provide free event tickets because they know him.

The fashion influencer took to Instagram on February 5 to vent his frustration and called out those who disrespected him for not providing free VVIP tickets.

In his post, Sammy Boy emphasized that the behavior is disrespectful, particularly when it comes from close friends who should be promoting the performing artists or event organizers.

"There is this type of disrespect that comes from friends or rather people who know you when it comes to events.


"Someone insulted me yesterday for not being in a position to offer them free VVIP tickets. Disrespecting me for not offering free tickets is whack," said Sammy.

He urged fans to be considerate and avoid making such demands from performers, noting that he is not in the business of selling tickets.

Sammy Boy further advised fans to be willing to pay for tickets if they want to attend events, regardless of whether they know him or not.


"If you want to go to an event buy a ticket whether you know me or not. I have never done any ticketing job or event to be insulted by being at the right place and your not," he said.

He emphasized that he has never been involved in ticketing jobs or circumstances and should not be insulted for not providing free tickets.

He stated that the entertainment industry is a business and performers rely on ticket sales to make a living.


Demanding free tickets disrespects the performers and undermines their efforts to make a living from their craft according to Sammy.

"These events take much that what you see and the organizers have put much effort and invested their capita and it should be treated as a business as it is.

"The best thing to do is support the event organizer if at all you don't want to support the artists performing," he stated.


The entertainer has now called upon his fans to communicate with him early enough to give him room for proper planning.

He urged them to be civilized and considerate when making requests, stating that he is always willing to support them as much as possible.


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