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Kenyan mum prays as party-loving daughter breaks norm by coming home early [Watch]

A Mother's prayer: Gratitude as daughter returns home early on Friday

Kenyan mum praying after daughter's return on Friday

A Kenyan mother's heartwarming celebration on social media left netizens in stitches.

In a viral TikTok video, this loving mom couldn't contain her joy when her daughter arrived home early on a Friday.

In the viral TikTok video, Mayychay had captioned it, indicating that her mom was pleasantly surprised by her early return home on a Friday.

Seated on a cozy chair, she leaned in and thanked the heavens for her daughter's punctuality, showcasing a mother's unwavering love and happiness.


"Asante Mungu wangu kwa kumleta Michelle leo siku ya Friday, ukamrudisha nyumbani Mungu wangu, shetani amebaki kushindwa.

"[Thank you Jesus for bringing Michelle back this Friday, you led her back home my God, Satan has been defeated]," she prayed.

Michelle uploaded another video about the events that took place on Saturday, and her mother expressed her happiness at having her home on a Saturday.

She even told Michelle that she would pray for her to find a decent partner for marriage.


Nowadays the youth majority of the youth in Kenya have made it a habit of disappearing from

Bob Monroe If you see a girl helping her mother with house chores without any complaints just know she’s pregnant 😑😑don’t argue with me.

fainzilani You all have good parents, nikirudi home seven inakua kesi.


FM🐾 My mum just said … najua ni Friday na hujaosha vyombo😂

Taliah My mum is always surprised to find me home on Thursdays and Fridays.

BANGCHAN'S WIFE 🤫 Me being a Michelle and this is how my mom would react.

Firesin# Nowhere but in Kenya where our mums know very well that after 6 pm the next time they'll see us is on Wednesday


Van My mum just found me sleeping and she was shocked cause she was literally calling me ...from the same house!!

Sonnie quin Looks like everyone goes to party n back to their parents home's..thank God my parents are old school to du ma'🤣nilihama home at 19.


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