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Willy Paul responds to accusations of copying Diamond

Willy Paul has responded to fans who claim he is copying Diamond Platnumz.

Willy Paul

Kenyan artist Willy Paul has hit back at fans who accused him of copying Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz.

In a teasing Instagram post on Monday 13, Willy Paul asserted his originality and hinted at paying his Zuwena more money than Diamond paid his.

"Semeni ng'we sai sai niwaonyeshe sura ya Zuwena wangu fam.... Ni mrembo times 50 ya yule mnaefikiria.This year is the year manze!!

(Say you're ready, and I'll reveal my Zuwena's face. She is 50 times more beautiful than the one you know. This year is the year)," Pozee wrote.


The claims started after Willy Paul shared photos of himself dressed in clothes similar to those Diamond Platnumz wore in his hit song 'Zuwena.'

Some fans immediately called him out, claiming that he was copying Diamond's style of music.


Here are some of the comments from the fans on Instagram

mple_dee_dennis_Umecopy diamond zuena shoot

shally_amazing Damn dude you still looking good, najua ni ngoma kama ile ya mondi. Yatapita... Yanamwishoo

dj_splash_254 Zuwena, toa pia wewe ngoma sasa itrend. copycat


But Willy Paul wasn't having any of it. In a cheeky response, he posted a photo of himself with a woman he claimed was his video vixen, Zuwena, and teased his fans that he had paid her two million shillings.

He also promised to reveal her face once his fans declared their readiness.

"I paid my Zuwena 2 million Kenya shillings sio ile ya Tz to play this role. Eeeish Pozze aki wewe... kwa wale mliosema nimecopy shock on you," he said.


In another post on his Instagram stories, he acknowledged that he is the number one artist in East Africa and vowed to continue putting other artists in their rightful places by releasing more hits.

Willy Paul's response has garnered mixed reactions from fans, with some supporting his independence and others criticizing him for copying.

Despite the controversy, Willy Paul says he will continue to promote his music and upcoming projects. He said he is focused on his journey and not the opinions of others.


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