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Kenyans raise questions after self-proclaimed forex traders flaunt expensive cars

The youth had parked the flashy rides beside a coffee plantation and taking photos

Youths flaunting cars

Many questions have arisen after a group of young Kenyans showcased expensive cars, attributing their wealth to forex trading.

In a video that has garnered attention, one young man mentioned that his friends had come to his aid when his car broke down.

In the background, numerous young people were taking photos with high-end vehicles, including Mercedes Benz and Audis.


"Oooh mfanye Forex mnasema tunawaibia. Hii ni pesa yenu? Tunawaambia mfanye Forex ati ooh tunawaibia. Tunajaribu kuempower youth.

"[You say we are stealing from you when we ask you to try Forex. Is this your money? We are trying to empower the youth]," he said.

He went on to explain that they are always eager to help people in order to reduce theft cases through empowerment.

However, Kenyans criticized the youths in the video, alleging that the cars they were flaunting were rented, as none of them had number plates.


Some even questioned whether it was acceptable for people to drive without number plates.

user33135918040 Forex na gari zote hazina number plates😂😂😂 or nowdays cars are sold without number plates.


danny dan Excellent is in silence bro tuko na bro yako uku tunateseka to😅

Ke Aloner✔️ Na ubadilishe trouser sasa😂😂😂😂😂which empowerment can one trouser give us.

Joy Birir Audi for me,hiyo trouser usirudie kumarket Audi nayo kindly😂

simplynaomy I would never, and I repeat never allow my man to dress like this or leave the house dressed like this. nyathira change your man's wardrobe.


khaliborns Who else noticed that the cars have no number plate ,😂😂😅carhire.wajinga waliisha kenya bwana.

TAKEN@PH Empower your Family and parents instead of boasting on social media men,true wealth is silent.

sammyboisammyboi Empower your family first imagine your cousin ndiye anang'oa side trade na unyamaze unaongea sana.

Kafuri, a Kenyan youth well-known for flaunting a lavish lifestyle, took to his social media platforms to respond to Kenyans who claimed that the traders had rented the cars.


In a video, Kafuri was seen with other traders, sarcastically pointing at some of the cars and joking that they had indeed hired them.

He proceeded to identify specific individuals who were present, mentioning the amounts of money they had supposedly paid to rent the cars and the exact return times to the owners.

Throughout the video, they were seen laughing as Kafuri playfully claimed that they would continue pretending to maintain their extravagant lifestyle.


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