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Kenyans react to viral video of gloomy bride at her wedding [Watch]

Several people think the bride was forced to wed

The gloomy bride and her husband

Kenyans have had varied reactions to a viral video featuring a gloomy bride during her wedding ceremony.

In the video, the MC can be heard attempting to uplift her spirits by suggesting that she sit on her husband's lap, but she remained sombre.

Undeterred, the MC continued his efforts to make the occasion memorable.


He acknowledged that the bride might not be able to find joy on her own and, with that sentiment, he approached her and gently placed her hand on her husband's shoulder.

The congregation erupted in cheers as romantic songs played in the background.

During the cake-cutting ceremony, the couple fed each other using toothpicks, but only the man appeared to be smiling.

Despite the crowd's attempts to cheer them up and the MC's efforts to add excitement, the woman remained unresponsive.


Everything the bride did appeared as if she was being forced into the marriage, and many people had a lot to say after watching the video.

user3843619065321 They should take the MC to their honeymoon, otherwise they'll return how they left.


mtoto WA mama The MC is trying his best to make this relationship work.

LaylahZawadi MC needs to be given hardship allowance.

@AnnyciahAmicy Why you forcing this lady to get married where the heart doesn't siwezi...I better run.

kesh Murithi 💖 This lady is very beautiful she deserves happiness wacheni kumforce mahali hataki wooiye.


tinatinez Justice I am here too wondering with you what type of wedding be this oh.

Cal Do they know each other? No one is smiling.

joywangui409 When they say marry your type. In fact they are equally yoked nkt!

Mareah Fernanda Not me wondering if there is a cameraman ata mc hana kazi mingi kama cameraman.

Nyar Abandu couldn't take it anymore and suggested that perhaps the couple was merely acting.


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