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Singer Kinoti reflects on music born ideas after his Sarit concert ended prematurely

Singer Kinoti admits it was a bittersweet experience when his concert alongside Ethan Muziki was cancelled at Sarit Centre.

Singer Kinoti (left) and Pulse Kenya presenter Muthoni Irungu

Singer Kinoti finally shared his feelings regarding his concert with Ethan Muziki, which was cut short at Sarit Centre in Nairobi in September.

Speaking on Pulse Celeb 254 with Pulse Kenya while reflecting on the incident, Kinoti revealed that it was a bittersweet experience.

"It was such a bittersweet experience, it was so amazing that people decided to come out like that. The numbers were crazy, people were just there...," Knoti said.


He continued, stating that the funny part of it all is that three hours before the concert, as they were testing the instruments, there were no available seats in the venue, and it was already full.

However, he admitted that it was unfortunate they couldn't complete the set as expected, given how the situation unfolded.

"We really wanted to share with people what we had planned for that day and things just happened as they did and here we are now," Kinoti explained.

Despite everything that happened, Kinoti continued to express that the experience at Sarit gave birth to many ideas. Together with Ethan, they decided to create something that would provide their fans with the complete experience they had originally planned at Sarit.


While it wasn't their fault that the concert was cancelled, Kinoti insisted on apologising to their fans for what transpired.

He stated that their fans would not be disappointed but, in fact, delighted by the upcoming concert scheduled for Mashujaa Day on October 20.

As the interview continued, Kinoti was asked about his current relationship status, to which he responded with a cheeky laugh before addressing the question.


Kinoti mentioned that he couldn't confirm or deny whether he is currently dating or not.

Speaking to Pulse Kenya's presenter Muthoni Irungu, Kinoti jokingly commented that she was trying to 'expose' him, adding a light-hearted tone to his response.

He concluded by stating that he is content with how things are at the moment.

Kinoti didn't miss the chance to mention his large fanbase, particularly the numerous female fans who consistently show up in significant numbers at his events.


He explained that many women are drawn to his music because it often revolves around themes of love.

Kinoti went on to note that women, in general, tend to be more emotional than men, which makes them connect more deeply with his music.

However, he clarified that this doesn't mean he specifically targets women when creating his music.

Describing his musical style, he emphasised that he is often quite vulnerable in his songs and creates music that resonates with people's personal experiences and emotions.


Kinoti began performing in August 2022, and he's now using 2023 to explore his other side as a performer.

Having spent some time on stage, he realised that performing at concerts is his favourite aspect of being an artist.

Before every performance, Kinoti typically listens to songs that inspire him and reflect his musical journey. This helps him prepare and get into the right mindset for his shows.


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