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Supermodel Nadia! KTN's Zubeida Kananu flaunts all-grown teenage daughter

KTN news anchor Zubeida Kananu shows off her teenage daughter, showering her with love on her birthday.

KTN Swahili news anchor and president of Kenya Editor's Guild, Zubeida Kananu

KTN Swahili anchor Zubeida Kananu Koome surprised her fans by offering them a rare peek into her personal life, introducing them to her family for the first time.

Known for her reserved demeanor regarding her private affairs, Kananu's decision to share this intimate moment marks a significant departure from her usual discretion.

In a heartwarming gesture, Zubeida Kananu Koome took to her social media on March 15th to celebrate her daughter's 13th birthday.


For the first time, she posted a picture of her daughter, Nadia, on this special occasion, showering her with love and admiration.

In a lengthy birthday message, Kananu praised Nadia's talents and growth, humorously noting her daughter's newfound height surpassing her own.

She expressed pride in Nadia's achievements and offered words of encouragement for the future, emphasising her unwavering support and love as a mother.


"Happy 13th Birthday, to my super talented, supermodel Nadia! Can’t believe you’re officially a teenager and also officially taller than me! Remember when you used to look up to me? Now I have to crane my neck to look up to you literally! It’s all good though; I’ll just blame it on your amazing growth spurt and pretend I’m getting younger by standing next to you!

"Nadia, you’re not just my daughter; you’re my “towering” inspiration, always reaching new heights in everything you do. Keep growing, both in height and in heart, because you’re destined for greatness. So, as you rock this new chapter, keep chasing your dreams, dancing like nobody’s watching, and remember, you’re loved more than you can imagine. Here’s to an epic year ahead filled with awesome moments, great music, and unforgettable memories! Love you," she said.


Zubeida Kananu's journey in the media industry is one characterized by dedication, perseverance, and remarkable achievements.

Beginning as an intern at Standard Media Group's KTN News in 2007, she steadily climbed the ranks, showcasing her journalistic prowess and commitment to excellence.

Over the years, Kananu distinguished herself as a prominent Swahili anchor, captivating audiences with her professionalism and insightful reporting.

Her contributions to the field were further recognized in 2022 when she made history by being elected as the President of the Kenya Editor Guild (KED), becoming the first female journalist to lead the organization.


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