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Kwambox reveals all-time celebrity crush, says he takes her breath away

Kwambox has always kept her relationship status discrete


Super Emcee and Radio Presenter Sheila Kwamboka, popularly known as Kwambox, recently revealed her all-time celebrity crush.

Speaking during the Kiss 100 morning show, Kwambox disclosed that she has always had a crush on Kenyan singer Redsan.

She gushed over how Redsan made her feel back in the day and mentioned that the singer took her breath away.

"My celeb crush growing up was Redsan," Kwambox stated.


In a previous interview with a local media house, Kwambox stated that she had decided to live the rest of her life as a spinster.

According to her, relationships have lost their meaning, and she sees no positive reason to talk about them, let alone be in one.


She emphasized that, as a society, we are confused trying to figure out what’s next, and relationships are as confusing as possible.

Therefore, she decided to date herself and wait for Jesus Christ, her Lord and personal saviour.

“I feel like right now, relationships are as confused as possible. I feel like the fabric of what used to hold the society together is no longer there.


"As a society, we are in that confusion trying to figure out what’s next. So, I decided I’m going to date myself and wait for Jesus Christ my Lord and personal saviour," stated Kwambox.

Kwambox quoted the Bible to support her decision, highlighting that St. Paul told the church that marriage is not a must but good.

She believes one is at liberty to choose and has decided to focus on other things rather than relationships. She dislikes discussing relationships because she has nothing positive to say.


“St Paul told the church; marriage is not a must, but it is good. Meaning one is at liberty to choose, and I have decided, let me do other things.

"That’s why I don’t like talking about relationships because I have nothing positive to say, She added.

The former Big Brother Africa contestant shot into the limelight after her first stint in BBA 3 in 2008. She was only 23 years old at the time.

She later returned to BBA in its fifth season in 2010, and even though she lasted until the last day, she did not win.


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