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He would be a great President - Lillian Nganga on Alfred Mutua [SCREENSHOTS]

Lillian reveals that Dr Mutua has tried to win her back with a car, new house and white wedding

Former Machakos First Lady Lillian Ng'ang'a endorses Dr Alfred Mutua for the Presidency, asks him to stop threatening her life

Former First Lady of Machakos County Ms Lillian Wangui Ng'ang'a has endorsed a Dr Alfred Mutua presidency saying that he would be "great".

The statement comes amid a nasty break up between the two, which has seen lawyers getting involved.

In a series of posts on her social media, Ng'ang'a insisted that the Machakos Governor is hounding her and her new love interest - Juliani.

Lillian has directly addressed members of the Governor's social media team, asking them to focus on making Dr Mutua president instead of attacking her.


She revealed that she knows the social media managers personally, having watched them get hired, and that she has been observing their posts.

"You continue to be used and misused to fight personal wars that have nothing to do with you. Shame on all of you! I advise you concentrate on making him president - he would be a great President," she shared.

The Lillian Ng'ang'a Foundation proprietor explicitly stated that should "anything" befall Juliani or herself then "Alfred Mutua is solely to blame".

In a recent interview with Nation, Ms Ng'ang'a disclosed that on a number of occasions she has been trailed by vehicles and that her home has been invaded, blaming the incidents on the Machakos Governor.


Ng'ang'a went on to disclose that since she parted ways with Dr Mutua in June this year, he has attempted to win her back with property and even the promise of a formal wedding.

She, however, has clarified that she is not materialistic, addressing those who purported that she got together with the Governor for the perks.

I wish you all experience an awakening - Lillian Ng'ang'a


Ms Ng'ang'a disclosed that she had hoped to have an amiable separation from Dr Mutua and had even discussed it with him prior to their announcements on their breakup.

She, however, is now convinced that Dr Mutua does not intend to let her go without a nasty and public scuffle.

Lillian disclosed that she started mulling on the idea of leaving the Governor in 2017 when he behaved callously toward the deaths of her members of staff.

"My reawakening, however, began in 2017. I had come from a trip... and my bodyguards had dropped me at home but on their way back, they had an accident and the woman and the man died. Their deaths were not even mourned... Then my personal driver also later died and the same thing happened. In fact, I got a new driver the following morning. The two incidents hit me hard.


"That disregard for their lives... also contributed to me separating from Alfred. I was like, so if it was me dead, then this is how life would have continued... I intentionally chose this new path. From them dying, I was reborn. I can never go back," she told the newspaper.

She has now wished a similar "reawakening" for those who are grappling to understand her decision to part ways with the Governor.


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