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Photos of Juliani and Lillian spark debate over 'who's the man in the relationship'

Kenyans don't know when to stop

Kenyan rapper Juliani with his girlfriend. former Machakos First Lady Lillian Ng'ang'a

It would seem that everything celebrity couple Juliani and Lillian Ng'ang'a do or say is under public scrutiny, the latest being photos of the two enjoying an outing together.

The undated photos of the two were shared by human rights activist Boniface Mwangi with a caption that was aimed at provoking, specifically, men.

"Life is short, don't let religion, or societal expectations make you stay in an unhappy relationship. Go where you're loved. If you have loved once, you can love and be loved again. Love is a choice. Love is beautiful. Don't be afraid to love whoever you want to love.

"I'm here to offend those men who behave like their partners are personal assets. Assets are dead things, they have no feelings or emotions. Partners have flesh and blood, they can move on and you can do nothing about it. Money doesn't make a man, manners do. Pesa bila tabia ni sumu," the caption read.


The photos, together with Mwangi's caption, sparked a debate over the couple's relationship, given that Lillian's former partner is Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

A good number of those who commented on the photos seemed to be convinced that Lillian was giving off "masculine energy".

The commentators indicated that her posture, gaze and how she held Juliani in the photos was what they termed as "manly".

A self-proclaimed feminist, freelance journalist by the name Lillian Owinga sparked a debate with her comment, which prompted some of the participants to demystify the notion of traditional gender roles in relationships.


Owinga posted: "In these pictures, Lillian is slowly taking the role of the man, she’s holding him, paying more attention to him contrary to natural attraction that should be seen coming from a man. Is the connection still there?"

Replying to Owinga, one Ole Lengai wrote: "Is a woman expressing attraction to a man 'unnatural'? The only conspicuous thing I noticed here is Bonnie 'leaning' his frame towards Lillian, @Amerix followers might be intrigued."

Moses Karani wrote: "A woman should submit to his man not the other way. Lilian holding Juliani is a sign of her being submissive. Juliani on the other hand is maintaining his frame."

Hesbon Muga posted: "Wewe shughulika na mtu wa kukuhold.... Iyo ingine ni vipindi."


One Jay Wambua echoed: "You have nailed it. Juliani is like a 'prop'."

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