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Lynn Ngugi shares why she was concealing 3 international awards from fans

Lynn Ngugi opened up about her initial hesitation in sharing three prestigious international awards she recently won with her devoted followers.

Lynn Ngugi accepting an award

Digital creator and journalist Lynn Ngugi shared a heartfelt revelation with her fans regarding her hesitation in announcing her three international awards.

Despite her initial reluctance, Lynn decided it was time to open up and embrace her achievements.

In a candid statement, she explained the reasons behind her hesitation and expressed her hopes that others facing similar doubts would recognize their own worth.


Lynn began her heartfelt message by expressing her gratitude to her fans for their unwavering support.

She confessed that the fear of whether she truly deserved the recognition had held her back from sharing the news earlier.

However, Lynn started to believe in herself more and realized that self-doubt should not diminish her accomplishments.

She wanted to inspire others who may be struggling with similar thoughts and encourage them to recognize their own value.


Lynn revealed the outstanding achievements she had kept hidden from her fans.

Firstly, she was honoured with the prestigious title of Best International Media Personality of the Year at the BEFFTA (Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television, and Arts) Awards.

This recognition speaks to her exceptional talent and dedication as a media personality.

In addition to this remarkable feat, Lynn also received the Global Humanitarian Award from the PLEF (Philanthropy, Leadership, Empowerment, and Fellowship) organization.


This accolade was a result of her commitment to making a positive impact on society and highlights her dedication to humanitarian causes.

Finally, Lynn was bestowed with the esteemed Gender Justice Champion Award, further cementing her role as an advocate for gender equality and justice.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Lynn dedicated these prestigious awards to everyone who has continued to believe in her work.

She emphasized the importance of making a difference in society through storytelling, stressing that each individual has the power to effect change, one story at a time.


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