Man's love for Terryanne Chebet costs him his dream job [Screenshots]

Double heartbreak for the man who dared shoot his shot.

Terryanne Chebet

What does it mean to shoot your shot, well, for one unfortunate job seeker whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, he might have just shot himself in the foot.

Former Citizen TV anchor Terryanne Chebet's story may help understand the young man's situation better.

On September 3, 2021 the young man whom we are going to call Jabari slid into Terryanne's DMs on one of the social media platforms and asked for a job opportunity.

"Hello Terryanne. I loved your conversation with Benard Ndong on Instagram Live. I'm an IT diploma graduate, digital manager and content creator and I would love to work for you. I don't mind starting as an intern," the young man said.

The media personality asked him to send his CV and she was impressed enough to consider him for an interview.

As she was conducting a background check on her candidate, Terryanne stumbled on a number of suspicious messages Jabari had been sending to her on IG.

"I'm all about shooting your shot, but not when you're actively job hunting. Got an inbox, good candidate, mailed him to book an interview, only to scroll up on IG to see messages he'd been sending me, which I hadn't seen," the former news anchor said while sharing screenshots of her discovery.

The messages suggested that were it not for the background check, he could have landed a job working with a person whom he described as his crush.

The screenshots showed one-way messages that he had been sending, pouring out is heart to her and in some, expressing frustration that his effort was not matched.

"Im Honestly in love with you", "Hun", "Dear", "Kissable lips" were some of the words that he used to express himself.

"I like you Terryanne but talk of snobbing someone, you have mastered it" read one of the messages.

"Happy Birthday my crush. Nakupenda hata kama ulilenga my DMs," read another sent on May 25.

After going through the conversation, the media personality withdrew her interest in the young man as a suitable candidate for the job.

"He totally qualified for the position, I was looking forward to the interview, but I can't hire him based on the sentiments shared," she said.

Despite not being a very senior role, working for his celebrity crush would have been a dream come true for him. However, Terryanne was however gracious enough to connect him to another employer.

The revelation drew many reactions from Kenyans on Twitter, some funny and others expressing disappointment.

"Ooooh my goodness. This one confused the assignment. These streets are at times extremely tricky. People need to learn when to keep conversations formal and when to keep them informal. I feel sorry for him, for the opportunity he has lost," said Francis Otieno.

"I see a taliban hunting two jobs with one CV," joked Calvin.

"Kidogo unapata intern analia kwa ofisi because the boss has gone to lunch with someone," Elayne Okaya chimed.

While the young man did not commit any crime, a few argued that it would have been awkward for Terryanne to work with someone who’s shot their shot and been rejected.

"It’s worse when there’s a power play like the shot has been shot by your boss or upper management. Or has been shot by a person you’re supposed to supervise thereafter," offered Liz Injinia.


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