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Cera Imani: Little-known details about Khalif Kairo's bae who's a top manager

Despite her success in content creation, Cera Imani leads a dual life as a corporate professional, serving as a marketing manager at an insurance company.

Khalif Kairo's girlfriend content creator Cera Imani

Flashy city car dealer Khalif Kairo and his girlfriend Cera Imani have been the talk of the town on X for the past two days.

The buzz began after Kairo introduced Cera, prompting netizens to dig into her past videos and photos, alleging her frequent visits to a certain club before her relationship with Kairo.

However, beyond her public persona as a content creator, many are unaware of Cera Imani's other life pursuits and personal background.


Here are some lesser-known details about Cera Imani.

Contrary to popular belief that she's just all over social media, Cera, also known as Ms Waithera, has a background in procurement and logistics management.

Despite her success in content creation, she leads a dual life as a corporate professional, serving as a marketing manager at Gates Insurance.


In a past interview with Nation, Cera opened up about her upbringing in Nakuru city.

As the firstborn, she enjoyed a privileged childhood with her mother ensuring she had access to the best education and amenities.

Despite her glamorous online persona, Cera remains grounded in her beliefs and values. A firm believer in the power of prayer, she attributes her success to divine guidance and emphasised the importance of perseverance and direction in life.

Cera also cautioned against comparing oneself to others on social media, advocating for authenticity and self-assurance.


Addressing common misconceptions, Cera revealed that her social media presence does not accurately depict her true personality.

While some may perceive her as aloof or unapproachable, she asserts her friendly and hands-on nature, especially within her personal life.

Additionally, she dispelled stereotypes surrounding her culinary and domestic skills, asserting her competence in the kitchen.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Cera has a passion for travel and fashion.

She finds joy in discovering new getaway locations and exploring the world—a self-professed 'vacation girlie.'

Through her social media presence, she showcases a diverse array of outfits, ranging from elegant dresses to chic jumpsuits, paired with stylish accessories.


Her flair for fashion exemplifies her status as a trendsetter and fashionista within the digital sphere.


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