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Meet Kinyash: 'Classmates' actor who owns a football club

Popular creator Kinyash is known for his comic role on KBC comedy series 'Classmates'

Alex Wamatu 'Kinyash'

Alex Wamatu is popularly known as Comedian Kinyash, for his role on KBC'S comedy series 'Classmates' hails from the village of Mwimuto in Kiambu County.

Raised by a single mother, Kinyash who has two younger sisters learned the value of resilience and hard work from an early age.

Kinyash's foray into the world of comedy was serendipitous, but once he discovered it, he embraced it wholeheartedly.


His journey into the world of entertainment began in 2009, fresh out of high school and facing the challenges of unemployment and a tough life

He found himself living with friends, where even affording a meal felt like a miracle. It was during these trying times that the idea for 'The Pasua Show' was born, a prank show that aired by Tuskys, and leading TV stations including K24, KBC, and KTN from 2011 to 2018.

Pasua served as a stepping stone, opening doors to other opportunities like "Classmates" on KBC and other projects.


Kinyash's stellar performances earned him a nomination for the Kalasha Awards in 2013 in the Best TV Comedian of the Year category.

'Classmates, airs on KBC every Saturday at 7:30 PM, showcases Kinyash in the role of Kinyanjui, a character with a distinctive Kikuyu accent who alternately annoys and rescues his fellow classmates.

His stage name, Kinyash, is derived from the character Kinyanjui, which he portrayed on the popular show 'Classmates.'


Originally, the character's name was Kinyanjui, but as Kinyash became a household name, it was shortened for convenience.

Over his more than a decade-long career, Kinyash has evolved as an artist, even branching out into content production beyond comedy


In addition to his comedic roles, Kinyash tried his hand at motivational speaking to encourage school children.

However, this venture faced criticism from some quarters, including pastors who questioned his suitability for the role.

He has a YouTube channel which has amassed a substantial following of over 170,000 subscribers. He does collaborations with familiar faces such as Jamimo Yule Msee and cast from Classmates.

He attributes his success to both divine grace and the unwavering support of his fans, who have embraced his character, Kinyash, with open arms.


In a recent interview, Kish proudly shared that he is the owner of a football club known as Mwimuto Wailers Football Club in Kiambu.

The club, which was relaunched in January 2023, holds a special place in Kish's heart as it started as a passion project.


Initially, the club had been established by avid Reggae music fans. However, Kish made the decision to breathe new life into it, aiming to provide a meaningful and constructive outlet for young people.

The youth who have joined the club have shown remarkable dedication and commitment. Kinyash sees the Mwimuto Wailers Football Club as a stepping stone for the talented young players, nurturing their potential before they potentially make it to the Premier League.

He is inspired by the success stories of those who were part of the club in the past, and he dreams of positively impacting even a single boy's life through the team.

Despite not having substantial financial resources to support the team, Kinyash emphasised that he is not driven by personal gain.


Instead, he relies on faith and hopes for divine guidance to avoid misusing any wealth that may come his way in the future.

Kinyash is a devoted family man, married to an actress and scriptwriter. In a candid interview with Jeff Kuria in 2021, he shared the challenges of working in the same industry as his wife.

They had to navigate the complexities of sharing the same workplace and sometimes experiencing delays in their salaries. Despite these challenges, their love and commitment have prevailed.


According to Kinyash, many may not realise the hardships he endured, including periods of hard work without commensurate pay.

Additionally, his prank show once led to a run-in with the law when they impersonated a police officer, unknowingly crossing paths with an actual officer.

Moreover, the father of one admitted that life in the entertainment industry has its share of risks, including curses from those pranked on the show.


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