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Michelle Ntalami gushes over Fena Gitu in beautiful post [Screenshot]

Ntalami and Fena have been numerously spotted together since the year began

Michelle Ntalami and Fena Gitu

Beauty entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami has gushed over singer Fena Gitu in a beautiful post.

Ntalami who has been spotted together with Fena on numerous occasions said she has experienced mixed reactions since the year began when with her company.

“I’ve had one of my most memorable new years with this beautiful woman right here. In just 10 days we’ve seen and experienced so many new things together.

“We’ve laughed until we’ve cried and we’ve cried until we’ve laughed. Fena from the bottom of my heart thank you,” Ntalami wrote.


Ntalami and Fena Gitu's moves have left many guessing the two are item.

During the December 2022 Sol Festival, Ntalami shared photos of her and her long 'term friend', looking all cozy and captioned it "No more blurry nights, only starry nights."

The two also recently shared photos of them wearing rainbow hats, at a beach all smiles and touchy, with the caption, 'Clean Slate' and love emojis.


Over the years, the two have moved along, not agreeing or disagreeing, proof that they do not owe anyone an explanation concerning their private life.

In April 2020, Michelle again aroused curiosity when she posted a sweet message on Fena's Birthday, praising, appreciating, and showing her how special she was.

"Fena, you are love, laughter, brilliance, kindness, and an entire adventure, all rolled into one! And I will always be the same for you! A superstar to many, but a soul to a special few. A real G, but the biggest mushball at heart. Humble, but still knows she's the shit. Quiet, but funny AF, especially when it's inappropriate," Ntalami wrote.

Fena Gitu replied sweetly to the birthday wish saying she appreciated the love from Ntalami.


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