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Milly WaJesus confesses Kabi's toxic trait in their marriage

Milly WaJesus reveals a toxic trait in her husband Kabi that she has endured in the course of their 6-year- marriage.

Milly & Kabi WaJesus ( Instagram)

The WaJeus family has shared some of the toxic traits that they have endured in each other in their marriage.

Kabi and Milly, who attended the Premier of Jackie Matubia's web series 'Toxic' event on April 16, discussed the theme and how it applies to their lives as a couple who've been married for years.

When asked if they each felt they possessed toxic traits, both Kabi and Milly acknowledged the presence of such behavior within themselves.


Milly expressed her need for personal space, highlighting Kabi's occasional failure to provide her with enough 'me time' as a source of toxicity in their relationship.

She emphasised the importance of having moments of solitude, asserting her individuality within the marriage.

"It's too toxic. Kabi hanipatiangi enough me time. I feel like that is too toxic. Sometimes I just want to be alone. I need me time because am also a person. Milly said.


Kabi, on the other hand, defended himself by explaining how Milly's desire for solitude sometimes extended to isolating herself within their home, excluding him and even their children from her space.

He characterised this behaviour as toxic, emphasising the need for balance and mutual consideration in their interactions as a couple.


"It's more of in the house. You know what she means when she says me time, she just wants to be alone. Hata bedroom nisiingie na ajifungie huku ndani na hata akae vile anataka. Wakati anajifanya hataki nitembee pale na nimpaties kile nampatie that's toxic. You wanting me time is toxic. Like she wants to be alone in the house, hadi watoto wasikue," Kabi said

In a previous interview, Milly disclosed an experience of insecurity during their dating phase, particularly concerning one of Kabi's ex-partners.

She recounted how interactions between Kabi and his ex-girlfriend triggered feelings of doubt and discomfort within her.


Despite Kabi's reassurances, Milly struggled with trust issues, especially when faced with persistent communication between Kabi and his ex.

Upon questioning Kabi about their relationship, Milly discovered that the ex-girlfriend had even financially supported Kabi during their dating period.

The revelation prompted Milly to reflect on Kabi's past relationships and how they might be impacting him emotionally.


According to her, Kabi is traumatised by his past experiences with ex-partners, highlighting his tendency to block all communication with his exes as evidence of this trauma.


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