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She was dating my friend - Kabi WaJesus shares story of how he met his wife

Kabi WaJesus discloses that his wife was previously in a relationship with his friend before they tied the knot.

Kenyan content creator couple Kabi and Milly WaJesus

Popular YouTuber Kabi WaJesus recently made headlines when he revealed that his wife, Milly WaJesus, was previously in a relationship with one of his friends before they got married.

However, Kabi clarified that he did not steal her away from his friend, emphasizing that they were not married at the time.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Kabi shared the backstory of his relationship with Milly, shedding light on how they transitioned from friends to life partners.


Despite his friend's compliments about Milly, Kabi maintained his respect for their relationship and did not pursue her romantically.

Kabi recounted how Milly used to visit his cyber cafe in Kayole, but their interactions remained platonic.

"Wife yangu alikuwa dem wa beshte yangu... na huyu beshte yangu alikuwa anashinda akiniambia how she has nice legs... I did not see the legs before we got married though.


"I respected their relationship so I did not concentrate on the things my friend used to tell me. I did not steal her from my friend and they were not married. She used to come to my cyber in Kayole but I never looked at her," he said.

After his friend and Milly ended their relationship, Kabi and Milly stayed in touch as friends. However, it was in 2013 when Kabi underwent a spiritual transformation that their connection took a romantic turn.

Milly began showing interest in Kabi's social media posts, leading to private messages and eventually face-to-face meetings.


"So huyu beshte yangu walichana na Milly for like two years and he started dating someone else who I also knew. We still used to be in communication with Milly, as friends though.

"So I was born again in 2013 and that was the turning point. She was also into me. She used to reply to my Facebook posts. She got into my DM and requested that we meet and talk about one or two things..." he said.

Despite his past as a partygoer, Kabi asserted that he is now committed to his marriage and blocks any advances from other women on social media.


He emphasised his loyalty to Milly, stating that he cannot even flirt with another woman.

"I cannot cheat. I cannot even flirt with another girl, I can't. I block people. There are DM's where you just know someone is hitting on you," Kabi said.

Kabi in a previous post, shared insights into his past relationships before settling down with Milly.

He acknowledged his past mistakes and attributed his transformation to the grace of God. Despite his previous lifestyle, Kabi expressed gratitude for finding love and stability in his marriage with Milly.


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