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Why Miss P regrets publicizing assault case against Willy Paul

Miss P: Willy Paul, you know we had history, things happened, many things that both of us are not proud of

Miss P and Willy Paul

Former Willy Paul signee Miss P has explained why she went public in 2021, two years after accusing her former boss of sexual assault.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Miss P revealed that she was feeling bitter and angry at the time, which led her to make the accusations.

She also stated that she regrets doing interviews about the matter, despite living a carefree life now.


"Me doing that interview was an impulsive reaction. I felt bitter, angry and so many other things. My emotions were all over the place. I was just overwhelmed at the time and I was also not okay mentally and psychologically.

"A lot was going on in my life, facing so much at the time and the interview was an impulse. I hate to say this because I literally live life with no regrets but I must say it's one one of the things that I regret doing," Miss P explained.

Miss P went ahead and said that she questioned herself what she had done right after the interview, because she had not thought about the consequences prior to it.


However, Miss P admitted that she has never reached out to Willy Paul to address the issue, despite dragging the artist's name through the mud.

She explained that it would be wise to publicly apologize since she had also accused him in public.

"Willy Paul, you know we had history, things happened, many things that both of us are not proud of but it's been two years and it is not good to carry along grudges because it's exhausting.

"If you see this, I will try to reach out but you can also do the same before I do. I hope he gets the message," Miss P said.


She however added that her apology is from a positive angle and that she won't mind working with Willy Paul again if destiny puts their work ethics on the same path again.

Willy Paul, on the other hand, has questioned his fans through an Instagram post whether he should forgive Miss P or not.


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