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Moji Shortbaba puts wife on spot, states what he dislikes about her

Moji and Nyawira have been married for two years

Moji Shortbaba and his wife Nyawira Gachugi on their wedding day

Gospel singer Moji Shortbaba found himself in a light-hearted moment when he was asked to share his thoughts on what he loves and dislikes about his wife, TV host Nyawira Gachugi.

Moji couldn't help but express his admiration for his wife, highlighting her intelligence and her genuine love for God and people.

As he spoke, Nyawira's face lit up with a smile, clearly touched by his kind words.


However, the atmosphere shifted when Moji playfully revealed one aspect that tends to bother him: her tendency to correct his English whenever he speaks.

Although said in a lighthearted manner, it was a humorous confession that added a touch of fun to their relationship.

Nyawira on the other hand revealed that she loves everything about Moji and unlike other relationships where men dump their pairs of socks everywhere, she does it instead of Moji doing it.


Moji was asked about his unwavering support for Nyawira, considering her ventures into various fields, and he candidly shared his perspective.

The gospel artist expressed that supporting her was not a matter of choice but a commitment they made when they walked down the aisle and vowed to be there for each other.

He further explained that despite his busy schedule, he always endeavors to make time for his wife because he acknowledges the exceptional work she is doing.

Moji's words highlighted his dedication to their relationship and his recognition of Nyawira's accomplishments.


The couple was asked what binds them together and Nyawira said that they are good friends, they love each other and God and that that is what binds them together.

Moji concurred with his wife's statement and enthusiastically shared his plans for the future. He disclosed that he intends to feature her in one of his upcoming songs, showcasing their mutual support and collaboration in their respective artistic endeavors.

Adding a touch of humor, he jokingly mentioned the possibility of walking down the aisle for a second time, playfully highlighting the enduring bond they share.


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