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Mother-in-law actor Ninja unveils musical talent with wife as video vixen

Jeff Okello, best known as Ninja from the show 'Mother-in-law, has ventured into music, featuring his Finnish wife as a video vixen in his first release.

Mother-in-law actor Jeff Okello 'Ninja'

Kenyan actor Jeff Okello, popularly known as Ninja from the hit TV series "Mother-in-law," has ventured into the music industry, unveiling his Swahili song titled 'Leo' (Today).

This musical debut showcases a distinctive blend of Kenyan musical styles and Finnish production expertise. The artist shared his journey and the inspiration behind his foray into music with TUKO.

Jeff Okello who now goes by the name Mr Jeff, found inspiration for 'Leo' through a collaboration with Finnish producer Vaino Wallenius.


According to him, the single, initially slated for a 2020 release, was met with unexpected delays due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Jeff revealed that the song was actually produced in 2020, but the release was put on hold due to the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic.

He further clarified that the crucial element missing was a video, and with the restrictions in place, shooting the video became a challenge.


One of the key obstacles in the process was finding vixens in Finland for the music video. The Finnish entertainment industry has a different dynamic compared to Kenya, where video vixens are more accessible.

In Finland, they are in high demand and often preoccupied with existing commitments, leaving limited options according to the father of two.


"Finding vixens in Finland was the biggest challenge because in Finland, vixens are fully booked, and a huge percentage of people are employed and busy all the time, so you mostly bank on your friends," Mr Jeff said.

In a testament to creativity and teamwork, Jeff's wife, Katja, stepped up to fill the role of the vixen for the music video.

This act of collaboration not only highlighted their partnership but also contributed to the unique and personal touch of the project.

Katja's involvement and commitment ensured the video's completion and added a special element to the debut.


The song 'Leo' represents a blend of Kenyan musical influences and Finnish production expertise. This fusion highlights the diverse cultural background of Mr. Jeff and showcases the power of collaboration in the global music scene.

Jeff Okello's leap into music is not just a personal milestone but also a representation of the ever-expanding horizons of African artists in the international entertainment scene.

His journey from television to music illustrates the versatility and creativity that continues to define the African arts.


'Leo' is a promising debut that signifies exciting prospects for Mr Jeff in the music world, and fans eagerly await what he has in store for them in the future.


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