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We shall no longer be taking any bookings on behalf of Sailors –Mwalimu Rachel

Let Sailors Sail

Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors

Media Personality Mwalimu Rachel has officially parted ways with Gengetone Group Sailors 254.

Mwalimu who was managing the Group through her company MRX Media, announced that she will no longer taking bookings on behalf of Sailors nor represent them in any capacity.

In her Statement, the NRG Radio Presenter mentioned that she is proud of what she was able to achieve with Sailors, wishing them in well in their next chapter.


Let Sailors Sail

“New Beginnings.

Under our Management as MRX Media LTD, we have overseen the Growth of Sailors 254 from Unknown Talent to the present Day Popularity that they have garnered.

We are pleased to have played a major Role in the Building of the Brand and proud of our people in amplifying the voice of the Kenyan Youth.

As we expand, Sailors 254 will no longer be represented by Us, and we cannot wait to introduce fresh, brilliant Talent to the world moving forward.


It is well 😊Proud of what my team at @mrxtotheworld and I were able to achieve. 🙌🏾We shall no longer be taking any bookings on behalf of Sailors nor represent them. #SailOn 🙏🏽 We wish them well” shared Mwalimu Rachel.

Last Month, Mwalimu put to rest accusations of denying Sailors logins their YouTube logins. In a detailed explanation, Mwalimu said that she was not demanding the Sh1.5 Million from Sailors but their new management that inked a new contract with the group.

The Standoff


According to Rachel, Sailors signed a new contract with another record label behind her back, yet she was the one managing them under her brand MRX Media t that particular time.

“…As a business, that has no binding contract or agreement with a third party, would it really make sense to just hand over log in’s? The simple answer is, no. This record label saw it fit to ask me to sell them the YouTube channel for 100K. As a way of getting them off my back I said the estimated value of that channel and the work my team and I put in it, is 1.5 Million (I’m starting to think I underquoted lol) I was charging the record label that wanted to take ownership of this channel, NOT Sailors. Let’s be clear on this part. I am very ready to cut cords with Sailors, after all it’s just business, nothing personal, but I know theres a proper way to do it. I’m not trying to “hold on” as many would argue. I am simply doing what’s best for my company and the investment we put into them. You don’t simply hand over log in’s and other sensitive material simply because your artist has “moved on”. Equity, Ownership and Return On investment. Read up on that. Hiyo ndio homework kwa sasa” said Mwalimu Rachel in part.

Currently, Sailors are being managed by Black Market Records.



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