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Mzazi Willy Tuva speaks his truth about Sh500K scam allegations

Radio personality Mzazi Willy Tuva has found himself at the center of controversy after an upcoming artist accused him and Tanzanian singer Darassa of being involved in a scam.

Mzazi Willy Tuva (Instagram)

Radio personality Mzazi Willy Tuva has found himself at the center of controversy when an upcoming artist accused him of being involved in a scam.

The artist, known as Danny Dee, claimed that Tuva collaborated with Tanzanian artist Darasa to scam him of Sh500,000.

In response to these allegations, Tuva, through a phone interview with Trudy Kitu on April 15 set the record straight and shed light on what transpired many years ago.


Tuva clarified that he was not directly involved in any scam but rather acted as a facilitator to connect artists.

He recounted how the issue with the artist unfolded and his role in arranging a collaboration between the two artists.

"I am not an artist; I simply facilitated the connection. The only artist who ever approached me wanted to work with Darassa. He was still not a relatively unknown artist. He asked me to connect him because I had previously connected with other artists with big artists," Tuva explained.


Tuva went on to explain that Darassa, while a close associate, had certain conditions for collaborations, and not all requests were accepted.

"Darassa ni mtu wangu wa karibu lakini analipisha kiwango fulani kufanya collaborations. Na pia sio collabos zote anafanya, " Tuva revealed.

According to Tuva, the upcoming artist, based on his work then, could not afford the amount Darassa was asking for. As a mediator, Tuva intervened and negotiated with Darassa to lower the fee.

"Huyu msanii kulingana na kazi alikuwa nafanya, hakuwa anaweza kuafford kulipa the amount Darassa alikuwa anataka sijui kama ilikuwa laki tano. Alifanikiwa baadaye na akanitumia, na mi niktumia Darassa.


"I did my part with a clear conscience. He wouldn't have been able to enter the studio without paying the amount Darassa requested," Tuva stated.

However, despite the financial aspect being resolved, the collaboration did not meet expectations.

According to Tuva, Danny Dee's performance fell short of Darassa's standards, prompting the Tanzanian artist to advise the upcoming artist to improve his skills before attempting another collaboration.


"Na Darassa recorded na akanitumia na akatumia msanii pia. He did his part. lakini vile msanii aliimba, aliimba chini ya kiwango ambapo Darassa hangeweza kuingiza sauti yake. Na Darassa akamwambia na akamshauri aende akajiandae na akiona ako sawa arudi atamsaidia," he said.

Tuva asserted that he fulfilled his role in the process and was surprised to later receive allegations of his involvement in a scam and reached out to Darassa to confirm the situation.

"Sasa asubuhi napigiwa simu kuhusu hii story nikashangaa. Nikampigia simu na akaconfirm kuwa huyu jamaa ndio hakufanya part yake," he said.


Reflecting on the incident, Tuva emphasised the importance of integrity and professionalism in the music industry.

"I have never scammed anyone, and I never will. I have a well-paying job and numerous engagements to keep me busy," Tuva affirmed.

He concluded with advice for aspiring artists, urging them to focus on their craft and avoid tarnishing others' reputations for personal gain.

"In your quest for success, never tarnish someone else's name to elevate yourself. Just produce good music and maintain professionalism. Fame obtained through dishonest means will not last," Tuva advised.


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