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Nadia Mukami gushes over son, denies he looks like his father Arrow Bwoy

Nadia's son turned one in March this year which was also the time they revealed his face to the public

Singer Nadia Mukami

Songstress Nadia Mukami is experiencing the true joys of motherhood as she proudly gushes over her adorable son, Haseeb Kai.

In a recent Instagram post, accompanied by a heartwarming photo of a smiling Haseeb, Nadia couldn't contain her love and gratitude for her little bundle of joy, referring to him as his father's best friend.

"Prayed for a boy, God blessed me with Haseeb Kai!!! Ooh, my womb is so blessed. His Daddy's Best Friend!!! The best decision of my life! Thank you, Arrow Bwoy," Nadia expressed.

However, what caught the attention of many was Nadia's insistence that her son bears a striking resemblance to her.


Refuting any claims that Haseeb takes after his father, Arrow Bwoy, the singer declared, "He looks like meeeeeeeeee! Hamuwezi niambia kituuuuu!"

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Her words clearly reflect the strong bond between mother and son, as she finds solace and pride in their shared features.


The bond between mother and son has been evident from the start, and Nadia has been intentional about spending quality time with Haseeb Kai, understanding that time is precious and irreversible.

She believes in creating lasting memories with her little one, emphasizing the value of genuine bonding that cannot be replaced by fame or wealth.

"Once you lose proper bonding with your child, even if you are busy when they are growing, no matter how famous or wealthy you are, you can't buy that back. Create memories with your children," Nadia passionately expressed, as she celebrated Mother's Day.


Throughout the year, Nadia kept her son's face away from the public eye, savouring those private moments.

It wasn't until Haseeb Kai turned one in March that his face was finally revealed to her fans and followers, garnering much excitement and adoration.


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