Nameless and Wahu explain why it took them so long before doing a collabo as a couple (Video)

It’s exciting to do this project together coz inasaidia budget- Nameless

Nameless teams up with Wahu in their first ever Collabo & fans can’t keep calm (Video)

Kenyan Power Couple David Mathenge and Wahu Kagwi have finally explained why it took them too long to work together as couple, despite being in the industry for years.

In an interview, with Pulse Live, the two mentioned that they wanted to build their brands separately before they could work on a joint project, something that have been successful.

“When we entered the industry we were already dating by that time and we didn’t want to do the obvious thing at that time. So it was build your brand, I build my brand but sometimes she could put some vocals in my songs and I also do that in her songs… but those were not collabos”.

We kept our brands separately and it was strictly strategically as we had to let our brands grow separately. And sometimes we knew we will come to work together sometime. So we started feeling that like a few years ago (like 6/7 years) …later on we decided to leave it to become a project of a couple of songs and it made more sense to Us. We felt like we are ready like last year to do this project together” said Nameless.

The revelation come days after the power couple teamed up for their first ever Collabo dubbed #Te-Amo and its straight fire.

Wahu added that “When Corona Checked in, the up and downs kinder reduced and we sat down and went through our Why’s and there was no need to postponed this project”

During the interview, Nameless also pointed out that working together as a couple has been cost effective as they just have to shoot one video, as opposed to other solo projects.

“It’s exciting to do this project together coz inasaidia budget, yaani two for the price of one. Unafanya video, nafanya video, hakuna kulipa main video vixen juu ndio huyu hapa and its working out” said Nameless.

The couple is also working on a joint 12-track Album called The Mz Album that will be released soon, touching on colourful story of love and relationships; The ups and downs, success and failures, happy and sad moments.



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