Nameless Teams up with Trio Mio, Nelly The Goon & Habib for E-sir tribute song

The song comes at a time KOT has been comparing Trio Mio to the late E-sir

Nelly, Trio Mio and Nameless

Legendary Kenyan musician David Mathenge aka Nameless has teamed up with young star Trio Mio, Nelly the Goon and Habib (E-sir’s brother) to compose a special tribute song for the late Isah Mmari aka E-sir.

The musicians made the revelation through Episode 7 of This Love (Wahu and Nameless- Docu-reality), where they had joined their creative forces to come up with a song in honour of E-sir.

The song will be produced by Motif The Don, an experienced music producer who have produced a good number of hit songs in Kenya.

During the studio session, E-sir’s brother Habib, pointed out that they have always wanted to work on an E-sir song but every time they meet in studio they feel the tune is not good enough.

“Unajua tumekwama, coz tumetaka kufanya ngoma about E-sir for so long na huyu msee (Nameless). Kuna time tunakam tunado alafu tunasema hapana haijafika mahali tunatakaa” said Habib.

On the other hand, Nelly the Goon (Ochungulo family), mentioned that E-sir is the pioneer of the Kenyan music industry.

“Hii Ngoma nimeichora sana…kama miaka mbili. Nilikuwa na feel tunahitaji ku-praise msee alishawahi kufika mbali kwa music industry ya Kenya… mimi na feel E-sir alini-inspire sana na anafaa kuchukuliwa kama yeye ndo bazenga, juu alisumbua mpaka huku Nigeria, Tanzania si Kenya tu” said Nelly the Goon.

The collaboration come at a time when Kenyans on Twitter have been comparing Trio Mio to the late E-sir.


On May 11, Nameless even reached out to Trio Mio on Twitter, stating that by the virtue of him being compared to the late E-sir, it means that he is doing something impactful.

“Keep up the good work @TriomioOfficial whenever you see yourself being compared to greats like E-Sir then you are definitely impactful. Bless up” shared Nameless.

“Thank you so much @namelesskenya this means the world to me. It’s a great honor to even be in the same convo as The Legend 🐐 Inanipea strength ya kuzidi kuskuma. Bless Up 🙏🏽” replied Trio Mio.

Nameless also took his fans down the memory lane, to the first day he met the late E-sir.

“I met E-sir in splash. I had known of him and he had known of me because we were recording in the same record label but we had never met. I just used to hear his music and he used to hear my music so one day when I was at Splash, I remember where I was seating, it was an afternoon and tis guy comes and taps me and says Nameless. Immediately I looked at him and I was like this is E-Sir and we just truck a friendship from there” said Nameless.

Big Pin described the late E-sir as his best friend, revealing that he was the one who ushered him into the music industry.

Mama E-sir said; “Esir was just like any other kid, lakini alikuwa anapenda watu sana na alikuwa ni mchangamfu sana na pia God-fearing.

Marafiki wa E-sir wamekuwa wazuri san kwangu, hasa akina nameless, Wahu, Talia, Shaffie Weru, Big Big wote wamekuwa wazuri sana kwangu”.

E-sir’s brother Habib disclosed that E-sir was adventurous and always willing to explore.

E-sir's mother, Wahu, Nameless, Maina Kageni, E-sir’s brother and Nonini among others celebrated personalities share their side of the story.


On March 16th 2003, the country was robbed of a star that dazzled the entire music industry. Isah Mmari Wangui, popularly known as E-Sir, tragically lost his life in a road accident.

David Mathenge aka Nameless survived the fatal accident, escaping with just a broken collarbone. E-Sir died at 21 alongside a friend, Kevin Kiiru Karanja

Isah first stormed the music scene with his 2001 hit song, Jo and 18 years later, E-Sir still lives on through his music.

He was born of a Kenyan mother, Damaris Wangui, and a Tanzanian father, Amin Mmari and was famous for his deft lyrical ability and command of the Swahili language.


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