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Netizens debate eligibility of Sh90 million cheque from Kenyan lady

Did Yvonne fool Kenyans with a Sh90 million cheque? Read more to find out

Yvonne Mugure

Some Kenyans have found themselves debating online after Yvonne Mugure, a Kenyan-born and U.S.-raised vlogger, shared a Sh90 million cheque online.

In her Instagram video, Yvonne called upon her followers to join her in planning as she intends to acquire a new house.

She excitedly showed her deposit of the Sh90 million cheque at the bank and later proudly displayed the papers with her name on them, indicating the amount.


Yvonne expressed her love for Kenya and her intentions to invest in the country after being away for a while.

Those who interacted with the video on her page had many questions to ask, with several people stating that banks wouldn't allow an individual to deposit a cheque with such a crazy amount.

"No such cheque can be deposited in Kenya. Ask about Kenya's banking laws before ujiaibishe," Gerald Wachira wrote.

Some argued that the maximum amount that one can deposit via a cheque is Sh900K.


Due to the debate and several people arguing about the validity of Yvonne's cheque, this writer spoke to a bank to establish the eligibility of the cheque.

It was confirmed that it is possible for one to deposit a cheque for such an amount of money, only that there are some documents that will be needed to ascertain the source of the money.

Despite people questioning the validity of the cheque, there are some who penned long paragraphs cautioning her against declaring her money publicly.


"Kim Kardashian used to show so much luxurious jewelry until one day she was robbed in Paris and almost killed. What am I saying? Be careful dear one. Otherwise, love everything about you," Kimeu Carol wrote.

Others maintained that Nairobi would end up bringing her to a standstill if she continued displaying what she has. She was urged to make silent moves.

However, there were those defending her, and they used the example of Mike Sonko, stating that he usually flaunts his lavish lifestyle, but nothing has ever happened to him.


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